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10 ways to reduce the cost of forklift use simply and effectively

  • 2023-07-21
10 ways to reduce the cost of forklift use simply and effectively
In some of the requirements of logistics efficiency is very high in logistics distribution centres, warehouses, due to the daily shipments are very large, in order to reduce logistics costs, forklift trucks are almost in a 24-hour working condition, then how do we come to the forklift trucks to carry out simple maintenance in order to protect the efficiency of our work?

1, often replace the easy to wear tyres, this is a must-do work, as if the sports car, due to the full load of work, tyre wear is very serious, so the sports car race to run a section must be better tyres, so that you can continue to race, forklift is the same, such as internal combustion forklift, electric forklift, so will use the tyres, and tyre wear is too much or chunks will make forklift is not smooth in the work process, produce Huge vibration, this has a great harm to the electrical system and hydraulic system. Therefore, when we choose forklift trucks, in addition to choosing more wear-resistant tyres, down is according to the actual situation of the working conditions of the road, when choosing forklift trucks, we should pay attention to the material and type of wheels, whether we need shock-absorbing wheels or load wheels, tyres, and what kind of characteristics their material and hardness (as an example: polyurethane wheels often used for indoor forklift trucks, such as electric handlers, electric stacker trucks, because of its wear-resistant, low operating noise, while shock-absorbing wheels and hardness have what kind of characteristics). The shock-absorbing wheels are used in the working condition where the ground is not very flat).

2, to keep the forklift working environment clean, at the same time, pay attention to the forklift's own clean work. Forklift working environment such as warehouses and production workshops, etc., generally have some debris such as wooden pallet fragments, cling film, rubbish, rags, production waste, etc., how these debris wrapped around the forklift wheels or tyres above the hand trucks and manual stacker trucks, in particular, will have a far-reaching impact on the efficiency of the work, so we should check more, timely removal of these debris on the forklift trucks to work on the impact of the forklift trucks and to often clean forklifts! Workplace floor, and even consider using plastic pallets or metal pallets to replace wooden pallets.

3, timely addition of hydraulic oil and lubricants, forklift machinery needs more maintenance, and hydraulic oil will lead to insufficient forklift can not reach its rated height and rated load, this will also affect the efficiency of work.

4, in accordance with the forklift operation manual to operate the forklift, not misoperation, misoperation is light will damage the forklift, heavy will lead to forklift accidents.

5, to reduce impact damage, in too narrow aisle, be careful, it is best to arrange for trained forklift drivers to work inside this journey, and pay attention to look at the vibration alarms and turn indicators, to avoid crashing and injuring people and so on.

6, more time to train your forklift operators, teach them common sense safety, which can reduce the rate of damage to the forklift itself and the goods, but also can significantly reduce the forklift failure rate.

7, arrange preventive maintenance, it is best to develop a maintenance plan, regular maintenance and maintenance of forklift trucks, in the long run, the development of maintenance plans and implementation of them can save a lot of money, this can prevent the failure of the main components, but also eliminates a lot of expensive repairs to extend the life of your forklift truck.

8, to have a strict forklift management system, when the forklift is not applicable, please unplug the key, to avoid other non-operators misuse causing unnecessary damage. To tell the operator in the forklift process, for some narrower aisles, you must first get off to measure the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and goods can pass safely.

9, in the daily work, take out half an hour or an hour, to listen to the forklift "sound", because the forklift is often in the full load working condition, so in order to ensure that the next day can work normally, please listen to the forklift working sound, in order to ensure that it is normal, whether tomorrow can be resolved to use.

10, battery maintenance and battery charging training is a must. Forklift battery is very important, now a lot of batteries are lead-acid batteries, but a small number of batteries are maintenance-free batteries, and most batteries also need specialised maintenance, at this time to pay attention to check the forklift distilled water from time to time, if insufficient, please add in a timely manner; in the charging of the battery should be noted that although most of the rechargeable batteries are intelligent charging, but still can not be plugged in for long periods of time, otherwise it will lead to charger damage. Because of the special nature of the battery, it is best to train your forklift operator to avoid expensive maintenance costs due to improper maintenance of the battery.

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