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7 considerations for forklift truck repair and maintenance

  • 2023-07-07

1,how often do forklifts need to be maintained

This is very important, generally, such as manual handling trucks, manual stacker trucks, due to its few parts, the maintenance cycle can be appropriately designed longer, such as half a year (500 hours) maintenance once, etc., while electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, dual fuel forklifts, forklift trucks, etc. due to its many parts, under the condition of standardized operation, good maintenance is necessary, the maintenance time can be designed short, such as 3 months ( The maintenance time can be designed to be short, such as 3 months (250 hours) once, etc. Regular maintenance is a strong guarantee for the safe and efficient work of forklifts!

2,ho will do the maintenance of forklift trucks?

It is important to find a forklift repair and maintenance service provider with good technology, and it should be more stable to be able to maintain and repair the whole process within the service life of the forklift. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional and stable forklift maintenance service provider; and the forklift maintenance service provider you find can provide you with a maintenance plan according to the usage of your forklift, and he should be able to help you deal with some minor forklift breakdowns. It is necessary to find a forklift maintenance service provider with a long history of forklift repair and maintenance.

3,preventive maintenance plan

We can ask the forklift repair and maintenance service provider to make a comprehensive and reasonable preventive maintenance plan for our forklifts, such as how often to check thoroughly, a list of tests for program debugging, etc. All these data can give us a reference for forklift maintenance. Secondly, the forklift maintenance personnel should provide us with a list of items during each inspection, so that we can better understand the existing working condition of the forklift.

4, the cleaning of forklifts

In the preventive maintenance plan, don't forget the cleaning work of forklift trucks, there are many reasons for the failure of forklift trucks, but the long-term non-removal of debris, broken steps and dust will also lead to some minor failures, so when doing preventive maintenance plan, this is to be put inside, good cleaning is crucial for forklift maintenance.

5,check the oil level regularly

For the lubricating oil ah, hydraulic oil ah, etc. of forklift trucks, the oil quantity should be checked regularly to prevent the forklift trucks from poor working condition and serious wear and tear, and the oil quantity should be replenished in time. electric forklift trucks, electric stacker trucks and electric handling trucks should pay attention to checking the capacity of battery water and replenish the battery water in time.

6, pay attention to the reserve of wearing parts

For some wearing parts, such as seals, etc., a small amount of reserve should be kept at work. In case of emergency, the faults that can be judged out by yourself, such as replacing the wearing parts, can be handled by yourself.

7, a reasonable charge

Service providers a perfect preventive maintenance plan must have a reasonable charge, consider which is more cost-effective, this can effectively reduce the cost of your forklift use.

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