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Advantages of Electric Forklift Trucks

  • 2023-07-18

A comparison of the operating costs of an electric forklift truck with a capacity of 1.5 tonnes versus an internal combustion forklift truck to give you a fuller understanding of the operating costs of electric and internal combustion forklift trucks. 

cost 8 hours
cost 360 days cost
Electric forklift
6 degrees/hour
Internal combustion forklift
3.5 litres/hour
Cost Advantage: Electric forklift trucks have absolute advantage in terms of fuel cost, one year down electric forklift trucks than internal combustion forklift trucks save nearly 50,000 yuan.
Easy to operate: The operating intensity of the operator is much lighter than that of the internal combustion forklift. It is very helpful to improve the working efficiency and accuracy of work.
Electronic throttle acceleration control system, no mechanical structure resistance, small manoeuvring force.
Mast lifting and tilting are controlled by microswitch, which is easy to control.

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