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Advantages of Hifoune electric forklifts

  • 2022-02-18

Now with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, when choosing forklift industry operations, everyone will now consider the pollution and impact of forklifts on the environment when they work. In this case, the electric forklift is actually very suitable for indoor use and its impact on the environment is very small. Therefore, electric forklifts are very suitable for the current environment. So what are the advantages of electric forklifts?

hifoune electric forklift

Affected by short working hours and long charging time, electric forklifts are generally not suitable for multi-shift work. Of course, 2 to 4 battery packs can be considered to solve the problem; battery forklifts can only be used on roads with good working conditions; acceleration The performance and startability are significantly worse than those of internal combustion engines; the most important thing is that in order to avoid the explosion of the battery pack at the customer's site, a charging and discharging site with a good environment is also required, and water needs to be replenished regularly, otherwise the life of the battery pack will be greatly reduced. Comparing the limitations of its use in this way, the comprehensive cost performance is not higher than that of liquefied petroleum gas (liquefied petroleum gas) forklifts in some occasions. However, if the user does not consider the time efficiency of charging and the user's on-site working conditions are very good, the electric forklift is the first choice.
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