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Application of Forklift Accessories

  • 2023-05-10
Forklifts, as a common industrial vehicle, are widely used in various industries, such as the paper industry, tobacco industry, construction industry, textile industry, petrochemical industry, etc. The widespread application of forklifts is closely related to various types of vehicles. Forklift accessories are a series of devices installed on forklifts to replace forks and expand the material handling capacity of forklifts. The common accessories in daily homework are as follows:
Paper industry: paper roll clips, pulp wrap clips, soft wrap clips, waste paper clips;
Tobacco industry: soft bag clips, tobacco box clips, paper roll clips, paper box clips, push-pull devices;
Construction industry: side shifters, multi-purpose rigid arm clamps, dual purpose fork clamps, fork clamps, brick clamps, push-pull devices;
Textile industry: soft bag clips, multi-purpose rigid arm clips, fork clips;
Petrochemical industry: soft bag clip, barrel clip, rotator;
The functions of different accessories are different, such as the lateral shifter being able to achieve lateral movement of goods; The distance fork allows you to adjust the distance of the cargo fork without leaving the driving position. HIFOUNE forklift has professional experience in customizing products. Taking paper roll clips as an example, they can also be subdivided into tilting, separating clip arm, sliding arm, tower, and so on. Different types of clamping plates can be selected for different types of goods, and using the correct clamping plate can minimize the clamping pressure, ensuring that the paper roll is flawless every time it is handled.

Forklifts equipped with customized accessories make operations more flexible, improving work efficiency, enhancing safety, and reducing cargo damage. HIFOUNE not only produces various types of high-quality forklifts, but also provides you with customized accessory services while purchasing forklifts, eliminating your purchasing worries. Feel free to inquire at any time.

Forklift Accessories

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