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Autumn tour of Hifoune forklift factory

  • 2021-11-01
Xiamen hifoune forklift factory organized a field autumn tour on October 30, the destination is Xiaopingshan Forest Park in Tongan District. In the morning, after we went to the factory to check the forklift orders to be shipped, we immediately arranged an outing in the afternoon. During the entire play, we are not only colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department, but also some children brought by colleagues, and the children also brought us wireless joy. During the entire outing process, some of our colleagues usually communicate less often. At this time, we take advantage of this time period to cultivate more feelings, so that we can better cooperate in work in the future and serve each one better. customer. In addition, our boss Edison Wang shared with us the history of entrepreneurship and the development history of forklifts, the wide application of internal fuel forklifts and the market analysis of diesel forklifts and LPG forklifts, so that we can develop more customers in the future. Target customer development and provide better services.

We are an internal fuel forklift factory integrating R&D, design and production, mainly producing diesel forklifts and LPG forklifts. If you are interested in forklifts, you can communicate with us and we will talk to you in the shortest possible time.

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