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6 tips for optimizing battery inventory in a forklift fleet

6 tips for optimizing battery inventory in a forklift fleet

  • 2021-03-05
Lead-acid batteries are absolutely vital to the operation of forklifts, but they can also cause headaches for fleet managers, because the damn must keep sufficient battery inventory at all times. The number of Xu Di Nachi will have an impact on the performance and productivity of the forklift.
These tips will help you determine and maintain the correct number of lead-acid batteries needed to effectively and proactively support your fleet.
1. Improve utilization and efficiency
Reasonably arranging your fleet size can not only help improve utilization and efficiency, but also help you determine the number of batteries you need. One of the best methods is to detect MPGe through forklift testing equipment or power research. Doing so allows you to compare the mileage of the forklift fleet per shift or day to help determine the ideal number of batteries required. Every correct adjustment to the fleet should include battery utilization information.
2 Establish a battery management system
Entering Ali, a system that allows you to manage battery usage, charging and inventory is the key to management. Implementing a first-in-first-out rotation system will help you establish a battery charging process and avoid frequent battery replacement.

There are no restrictions on the management method, which can be a simple login form or a complex battery management system. The important thing is whichever you choose.

3 let the data know the decision
A good forklift fleet management system can help you discover more rich data about the forklift fleet. Disassembling these data can help you further understand the optimal utilization of the fleet, which is very valuable for determining the size of your fleet and understanding the actual battery usage. These system data are also very useful in identifying trends. It can help you manage battery inventory in a timely manner as demand changes.

4 Grasp the health of the battery
Assessing the battery health of forklifts is not only checking the battery capacity every day, but also monitoring the health of the batteries through the forklift fleet management system Yuanheng, proactive maintenance management and budget preparation for battery replacement. Even if you choose not to try the testing technology, you should record the condition and capacity level of each battery through an annual test.

5 About the battery charger
The data provided by your battery and fleet management system will help you understand the total number of chargers required by your fleet. The number also depends on the type of charger you are using.

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