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Application standards for the forklift industry

Application standards for the forklift industry

  • 2021-07-08
Forklifts are usually used to handle factory transportation. Forklifts are used in industry. They are very important in many logistics industries and are used to carry materials and luggage. Therefore, this kind of machine is currently more practical, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the operation.

Application standards for the forklift industry

Before use, check whether there is any leakage of oil, water, and gas. The key is to check whether the water tank lacks antifreeze. Pay attention to the vehicle temperature when checking. First observe the value of the water temperature meter. When the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, it is forbidden to open the water tank cover to avoid spraying. Splash accident. The standard for adding antifreeze to the water tank is that the liquid level of the antifreeze is on the lower edge of the water tank cover.

After everything is normal, check the lights, whistle, reversing alarm, hand brake, and foot brakes. When checking the brakes, pay attention to step on the two foot brakes before the vehicle is driving, and then move the vehicle slowly and then step on the brakes to check the braking distance and the vehicle brakes The distance should be proportional to the speed and load, the higher the speed. The larger the load, the longer the braking distance. If it exceeds the specified range, the maintenance personnel must be notified.

After testing, if there is any problem, you should report to the equipment guide immediately, ask the questions that you don’t understand or unclear, and notify the superior after confirming the situation. If necessary, get in touch with the maintenance personnel to make communication and promptly communicate with the equipment. Carry out maintenance, and it is strictly prohibited to conceal the report.

In many industries, physical transportation is very important. In many industries, warehouse transportation has become more mechanized. In today's transportation industries, forklifts play a very important role, and the convenience of transportation is also higher.

The use of forklifts improves the efficiency of the transportation process, reduces manpower, and also brings transportation convenience. It is a product of the progress of the times. At the same time, the types of machines are also different, so it has become an indispensable transportation machine.

 Safe operation of forklifts enables forklifts to better serve the corresponding industries.

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