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Can electric forklift batteries be replaced individually?

Can electric forklift batteries be replaced individually?

  • 2021-04-10
Forklift maintenance engineers will hear complaints from users from time to time that the battery of the forklift is broken, and only one or two of the batteries inside are broken. Why does the maintenance master request to replace the entire battery pack? This will cost a lot of money. It is indeed very reluctant.

Is it really the repairman who wants to make more money?

Battle made a fair statement for our forklift maintenance master: the maintenance master must have done the right thing. Why do you say that? Batel Forklift Sales Co., Ltd., as a senior electric forklift supplier and service provider, will tell you the truth today.

First of all, the voltage and discharge time error of each group of factory batteries is extremely small. If only individual cells are replaced, the balance of the entire group of batteries will be damaged, which will bring safety hazards. Moreover, only replacing individual cells will not last for a long time. Group replacement, it is cost-effective to use.

Secondly, if you only change a single unit, the performance of the new and old monomers will be different, and the poor performance will seriously drag down the high performance, resulting in low overall performance. Finally, if only one cell is changed, there will still be a difference between the new cell and the original good one, but the difference is not so obvious. Over time, it will also cause the rated voltage and current to fail to meet the standards, making it more difficult to use the forklift. In addition, this will also make the original old monomer break faster.

Of course, the forklift maintenance engineer recommends that you replace the battery as a whole. An important factor is not ruled out, that is, you cannot find a new cell that matches the old one, because the new cell must meet the same electrical requirements as the old one. Capacity, voltage, discharge speed. It is also for the overall service life of your forklift and the durability of the battery.

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