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Does a forklift need to warm up its engine before start

Does a forklift need to warm up its engine before start

  • 2021-04-10
The severe cold weather in winter has a great impact on the use of forklifts. Because the temperature is too low, it is very difficult to start the vehicle, which affects work efficiency. Especially in severe cold areas, cold air increases the viscosity of lubricating oil and reduces the atomization performance of diesel and gasoline. If the vehicle cannot be started correctly at this time, it will directly affect the starting effect and even damage the parts. The following three points should be done to start the forklift in winter:

1. Oil check, shake handle

Check the stock of lubricating oil every time before starting the vehicle. Since the lubricating oil flows back to the crankcase after the engine is stopped, the inspection at this time is the real lubricating oil stock. According to the inspection situation and vehicle oil requirements, adjust the lubricating oil appropriately. At the same time, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of lubricating oil in winter, in order to fully spray the lubricating oil on the friction surface of various parts, the crankshaft should rotate 20-30 laps with the starter handle (for engineering vehicles with a car as the chassis), so that Lubricating oil can be evenly distributed on the surface of various parts that need lubricating oil.

2. Warm up the car body and start afterwards

Before starting the vehicle, it needs to be preheated. There are two common preheating methods: one is to heat the oven in the oil chassis. Before using this method, first check for oil leakage to avoid fire. The flame should not be excessive during baking. high. At the same time, keep rotating the crankshaft so that the heat absorbed by the oil is evenly distributed to all parts of the engine. When the oil is heated and makes a sound, the crankshaft rotates continuously for 2-3 revolutions to start.

Preheat with hot water and steam. This method is safer. The parts are heated evenly. The method is to turn on the engine drain switch and inject hot water or steam into the engine cooling system to increase the cylinder block temperature. When the engine cylinder block temperature rises to 40 When -50 degrees Celsius and the crankshaft can rotate continuously for 2-3 revolutions, the vehicle can be started.

3. Rotate at idle speed and slowly heat up

After the car is started by baking and steam preheating, when the engine temperature rises to 40-50, turn off the engine and add water (except for vehicles with antifreeze), and fill it up as much as possible to prevent the radiator from freezing due to excessive water time . Before starting the vehicle and running at idle speed, fill it with water. At this time, due to insufficient lubrication, in order to prevent the engine from pulling the cylinder and damaging the machine parts, do not step on the accelerator. Wait for the temperature to rise to 70 degrees Celsius before starting to drive.

The above steps can avoid the difficulty of starting the forklift under cold conditions, and protect the safe use of core components to the greatest extent.

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