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Five trends in the forklift industry

Five trends in the forklift industry

  • 2022-04-07
One of the trends: series, large
Serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklifts. Foreign famous major companies have gradually realized their products, forming products from miniature different specifications. At the same time, the cycle of the product update is significantly shortened. The electric forklift is relative to the internal combustion truck, which is characterized by high scientific and convenient maintenance, clean and environmentally friendly. Experts predict that the maintenance of the new generation of electric forklifts will be stronger, displayed, and the fault diagnosis system will be more complete.
Trend 2: Specialization, multi-variety
The automatic storage system, the establishment of large supermarkets, stimulating the growth of indoor handling machinery. High-performance electric forklift, front move electric forklift, narrow roadway electric forklift and other types of electric warehousing forklifts are well received by the market. Electric warehousing forklift greatly helps users realize machine operations to replace human labor and improve production efficiency. Also, it can also adapt to urban narrow construction sites and the use requirements such as goods, terminals, warehouses, cabins, farmhouse, buildings and underground engineering operations. This is one of the rapid development of electric warehousing forklift development.
Trend: Electronic, Intelligent
The electric forklift has high reliability and superior performance. Relying on the development of warehousing, develop new varieties, especially the forward move electric forklift and stacked products. Computer technology is gradually promoting application on electric forklifts, and the information control of people in people, and unmanned electric forklifts applicable to toxic or special environments will also be vigorously promoted.
Trend 4: Safety, Comfort
With the acceleration of internationalization, China's electric forklift has gradually moved to the international market. The old-fashioned fs, the cutting table is being replaced by the circularned electric forklift circular curved appearance, which greatly opens the field of view and improves operation safety. The new electric forklift will pay more attention to human function, improve manipulation comfort. Studies have shown that the ingenious arrangement of the walls of the cab is conducive to improving productivity. If all controls can be arranged according to human-computer engineering, the driver manipulates more comfortable and more focuses on work.
Trend 5: energy saving, environmental protection

The forklift is divided into internal combustion trucks and electric forklifts. The internal combustion engine is powered by internal combustion engine, strong power, wide application range, disadvantage is that emissions and noise pollution are large, and the health is more harmful to human health. In recent years, electric forklifts with less emissions and small noise are well received by the market. At present, the production of the forklift in the international battery has accounted for 40% of the total amount of electric forklift (10% to 15% in China). In Germany, some Western European home appliance bottle forklifts is 70%, and there is constant Trend. AC motor, the frequency conversion speed makes the battery forklift have a qualitative leap. The voltage of the AC motor has a higher development trend, so that the electric forklift is less fever in the work, the efficiency is higher, completely overcoming the production of more heat, low efficiency, and frequent maintenance. In addition, the development of rapid charging technology is more mature, and the charging current can reach more than 4 times the traditional charging current, the charging time is shorter, and the efficiency is higher.

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