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Forklift environmental protection starts with parts

Forklift environmental protection starts with parts

  • 2021-03-01

To make an environmental assessment (environmental assessment) of a forklift, not only measure and evaluate it from the beginning of the use of the new vehicle, but also closely monitor it from the very first moment of its assembly. For a truly socially responsible forklift manufacturer, if its products are to make a difference in environmental protection, it needs to control the source of parts procurement, integrate upstream and downstream resources, and minimize potential threats to the environment.   

Select the parts suppliers that meet the requirements Almost all forklift companies purchase parts according to the design requirements of the drawings for a certain model of product, and then assemble and test them together, constantly discover problems and require technological innovation and rectification of some parts suppliers, until the final mature product is formed And then mass-produced and brought to the market. Due to many restrictions, such as technology and output, and different division of labor, almost no company can realize independent R&D and production of a complete set of forklift parts. To assemble a new forklift, a large number of different parts need to be purchased. For example, the power system, drive/transmission system, electronic control system, hydraulic system, etc. are all provided by professional suppliers. The forklift manufacturer acts as an exterior design company and assembly plant responsible for marketing and after-sales service. However, the quality of a forklift after it leaves the factory and the length of its use can be reflected in the quality of each accessory in the hands of consumers. This requires manufacturers to strictly select suppliers that meet the requirements.    To put it simply, a good quality forklift is generally longer and more durable than a poor quality forklift. The latter has many parts due to short life and many failures, which need to be replaced frequently, which results in low efficiency of forklifts, and increases in labor costs and energy consumption. The direct consequence is the destruction of environmental protection and the waste of social resources.

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