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Forklift maintenance

Forklift maintenance

  • 2021-02-21

Forklift maintenance recommendations: daily maintenance
Daily maintenance refers to the basic maintenance of the forklift after each shift. The details are as follows:
Clean the dirt and dirt on the electric forklift, the key inspection: fork frame and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery pole fork column, water tank, air filter..
Check the tightness of each part, the focus is: fork bracket, lifting chain tensioning screw, wheel screw, wheel fixing pin, brake, steering screw...
Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear..
Check for leaks, focusing on: pipe joints, diesel tanks, fuel tanks, brake pumps, lifting cylinders, inclined cylinders, water tanks, water pumps, engine oil bottoms, torque converters, transmissions, drive axles, final drives, hydraulic steering gears , Steering cylinder..
Remove sediment from the oil filter.

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