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Forklift safety: strategies and guidelines

Forklift safety: strategies and guidelines

  • 2021-01-14
Nearly 100 workers die in forklift accidents every year.

Among them, 24% of accidents were caused by overturned vehicles. Other accidents included being loaded by forklifts and accidents of the forklift itself.
As a business operator, you must give the greatest attention to car inspection safety, for example:

1. 34,000 workers are seriously injured every year;
2. The total number of major and non-major accidents that occur each year exceeds 100,000. 3.42% of forklift accidents are caused by forklift tipping, and 4.25% of accidents are caused by forklift problems, such as overloading;

Please keep this statistics in mind, so it is very important to implement safety rules in your workplace

OSHA recommends that forklift operators need to be at least 18 years old and have developed a detailed training plan for forklift safety guidelines. The training content should include:

First, formal instructions
Second, practical education
Third, evaluation and testing

Know the rated capacity of the forklift you are driving. The forklift has a specific rating to show its load-bearing capacity. You must ensure that the weighing is clearly posted on each forklift and requires the operator to strictly observe it.

Forklift trucks need to be equipped with buzzers and warning signals, because forklift operators are usually difficult to see the surrounding loads, so employees need to use annunciators and danger signals to distinguish danger

If the employee does not operate the forklift, please keep a safe distance from the forklift. You need to remind the employee to stay away from the operating area where the forklift is used

If you are a forklift operator, please drive slowly when using a forklift. Some forklifts also have a speed limit setting

The surface of the forklift should be kept clean and free of material debris. Regularly inspect each forklift

Improper handling of forklifts can cause damage to accident products and facilities. By complying with osha's original regulations on forklift safety and adopting strict training rules and regulations in the enterprise, you can prevent these accidents from happening.

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