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How many types of internal combustion forklifts are there

How many types of internal combustion forklifts are there

  • 2022-09-14
We all know that with the development of mechanization, more mechanical tools have replaced human human behavior. For example, forklifts are now an irreplaceable role in life. So what are the classifications of forklifts? Today we will focus on the internal combustion forklift as an introduction. The internal combustion forklift is a self-propelled loading and unloading machine mounted by a gantry and a fork. Can be used for loading, unloading and stacking of finished products. After the replacement job is installed, it can also be used for the loading and unloading of special items and bulk materials.
The internal combustion forklift consists of three important parts: energy installation, wheeled chassis and operational installation. Operational installations include gantry, chains, forks, forks and hydraulic cylinders. The gantry is a roll-up structure, hinged on the axle or derrick, and can be tilted back and forth through the inclined hydraulic cylinder, so it will not overturn when loading and unloading products or carrying goods. The lifting hydraulic cylinder drives the fork frame with the fork to fall along the inner door frame through the chain transmission.
Depending on the energy installation, there are two types: battery forklifts and internal combustion forklifts. According to the structural characteristics of the forklift, it is divided into straight fork unbalanced, legged, forward-moving, side fork and special forklifts for various ethnic groups. Its straight fork unbalanced forklift is widely used. Straight fork unbalanced forklift. The front fork is mounted on the front of the body and extends out of the core wire of the front wheel. In order to make the overturning moment generated by the product parts unbalanced, an unbalanced counterweight forklift is installed at the rear of the car body to move forward and backward during operation, and continue to spread the product. Outrigger forklift. Two arm-like legs extend back, the former is fitted with small diameter wheels. During operation, the fork is pulled out of the bottom of the product along with the stand, and the fork is lifted. Because the product is located on the bearing surface of the wheel, the stability of the whole vehicle is good. The forklift moves forward. It is a variant of the jacked forklift whose forks can move back and forth in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. The fork sticks out when loading and unloading the product, and returns to the middle of the body when it is turned over, so the stability of the whole vehicle is good. The mast and the fork face the side of the forklift, are located in the middle of the body, and can move laterally together. Suitable for loading and unloading of long products. When the forklift overturns, the product is placed on the body platform, and the stability of the whole vehicle is good.
Important technical parameters of forklifts are overweight components, large lift and low lift. Forklifts are not only efficient, but also inconvenient to replace. It has stagnated in recent years, with more than 30 alternative operations widely adopted. For example, replace the side clamps, install detachable oil drums and bags; replace the string rod, install detachable steel coils and lime pipes; replace the boom and hook, which can lift all kinds of heavy objects; replace the bucket can be loaded and unloaded Bulk materials, etc. The forklift has agile maneuverability, good compatibility and high operating efficiency. Forklifts can realize the mechanization of loading and unloading, reduce product damage, popularize the utilization rate of warehouse capacity and the level of operation insurance, so they are widely used by various units.

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