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How often to change forklift engine oil

How often to change forklift engine oil

  • 2022-05-18
Forklift engine oil can also be called lubricating oil for forklift engines. Its main functions are lubrication and wear reduction, cooling and cooling, cleaning, sealing and leakage prevention, rust and corrosion prevention, shock absorption and buffering. The quality of oil lubrication will affect the functionality of the engine. It can be said that the operation of the hifoune forklift engine is essential, so how often should the engine oil of the forklift be changed? as follows:
During the initial run-in period of a new forklift, we recommend that the first engine oil change be done within 50 hours. The best choice for oil selection is to use CD grade or above. If the working environment of the forklift is relatively bad, it is necessary to regularly check the cleanliness of the oil to determine the time to change the oil. General imported or domestic forklift engine manufacturers will require users to replace the lubricating oil when driving for 300-720 hours. If the forklift idle rate is high, it is best to change the oil every six months or check the oil regularly. If the working environment of the forklift truck and the quality of the replaced oil are acceptable, the oil change interval and time can be appropriately extended. For details, please refer to the following methods for checking forklift engine oil:
1. Smell method, take out the oil dipstick and smell it close to the nose. If there is a strong sour odor, it means that the oil has deteriorated and should be replaced.
2. The hand twisting method, the old oil taken out is repeatedly ground with the thumb and the index finger. The good quality has lubricity, less wear debris and no friction. If you feel impurities, poor viscosity, or even astringency, you should replace it.
3. Color discrimination method, take a clean white filter test paper (good quality facial tissue), drop a few points of old oil on the paper, wait for oil leakage, the oil with good quality has no powder, touch it with your hand to dry it Smooth with clear yellow infiltrating band. It is dark brown with impurities and should be replaced.

4. Lighting method, take out the oil dipstick and hold it at 45 degrees, observe the oil droplets under the light, and it is good to see that there is no wear debris in the oil droplets. If there is too much abrasive dust, it should be replaced.

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