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How to check the precautions for electric forklift maintenance

How to check the precautions for electric forklift maintenance

  • 2022-09-23
We all know that forklifts are also a tool for transportation. Forklifts provide people with great convenience in life, but at the same time, we also need to pay attention to the maintenance of forklifts. Our forklifts are divided into diesel forklifts, electric forklifts and LPG forklifts. Now the hifoune forklift manufacturer will introduce to you the issues that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of electric forklifts.
1. Check the leakage situation, focusing on: each pipe joint, brake pump, lift cylinder, transmission, drive axle, pressure steering gear, steering cylinder, etc. Tire pressure check: The shortage should be supplemented to the specified value to confirm that there is no air leakage. Check the tire contact patch and sides for damage, and the rim for deformation. Inspection of polyurethane tires: Check the road conditions to see if the tires are worn to a greater extent. When installing tires with patterns, pay attention to the markings on the rolling direction of the wheels.
2. Brake fluid check: Check whether the brake fluid is within the scale range, and check whether air is mixed in the brake pipeline. When adding brake fluid, prevent dust and water from mixing.
3. Electric forklift hydraulic oil and electrolysis inspection: first pull out the oil dipstick, wipe the dipstick head, insert it and then pull it out to check whether the oil level is between the two scale lines. The oil level in the working oil tank should be between the two scale lines; if there is too little oil, air will be mixed in the pipeline, and too much oil will overflow from the cover. The battery electrolyte should also be between the upper and lower scale lines. If it is insufficient, add distilled water to the top line.
4. Brake springboard, micro pedal, hand brake inspection: step on each pedal to check whether there is abnormal sluggishness or jamming. Confirm the safety and reliability of the electric forklift handle. Inspection of speakers, lights, instruments, etc.
5. Battery maintenance: During the use of electric forklifts, special attention should be paid to charging and maintaining the battery in time. When charging the battery, pay attention to the method. It is necessary to make the battery fully charged and not cause the battery to be overcharged. When the battery is found to be insufficient, it should be charged as soon as possible to prevent excessive discharge of the battery. When the vehicle is running, do not mistake the "forward, reverse" direction switch as a steering switch.

6. Fork frame support, hoisting chain tensioning screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brake steering gear screws, check the reliability and flexibility of the steering gear. Clean the dirt, mud and dirt on the electric forklift, the key parts are: fork frame and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork water tank, air filter.

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