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How to choose a forklift?

How to choose a forklift?

  • 2021-03-17
In the past few years, the demand for China's forklift truck market has been growing rapidly by double digits every year. There are many types of forklifts and a wide range of uses, and various industries also have different needs for forklifts. However, there are many forklift brands and complex models on the market, which has caused a lot of trouble for enterprises to purchase vehicles. Next, we will take you to understand how to choose a forklift.

1. Operating environment

Forklifts have the functions of moving goods horizontally, lifting goods, stacking, loading, and picking. Therefore, before purchasing a forklift, you need to know the weight, volume, shape and height of the goods that need to be lifted and the channel conditions inside the plant (channel width, ground load-bearing, whether anti-static, dust, pollution, explosion-proof, noise) and other information are required. With this information, the required configuration can be basically determined.


1. Does the forklift work indoors or outdoors?

Indoor: use battery forklift. Can effectively reduce air pollution and noise generated during forklift work

Outdoor: use internal combustion forklift. It can easily deal with uneven roads in the workplace.

2. How heavy is the cargo to be moved?

When selecting the forklift tonnage, the center of gravity of the loading and unloading goods should be compared with the size of the forklift's standard load center. The center of gravity of the goods is equal to or less than the standard load center distance of the forklift, and the rated lifting mass of the forklift is equal to or greater than the weight of the goods; the center of gravity of the goods is greater than the standard load center distance of the forklift, and the forklift load curve provided by the forklift catalog should be used to determine the choice of forklift. Tonnage.

2. Rent or buy

When buying a forklift, should I rent it or buy it directly?

At present, many small foreign-funded enterprises in China prefer to lease forklifts. The main advantage of leasing is that the enterprises do not need to invest in fixed assets, nor do they need to bear the depreciation pressure caused by idle equipment. Logistics handling outsourcing allows these companies to invest more funds in their core business to improve their core competitiveness.

However, more than half of the forklifts worldwide are directly purchased by enterprises, which also shows that the rental of forklifts is not suitable for all enterprises. After directly purchasing forklifts, companies can build their own material handling system, which is conducive to the unified management and scheduling of the company.

3. Product Qualification

The vast majority of forklifts on the market have passed the forklift quality and safe driving inspections conducted by the Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, but there are still a small number of cottage factories that are constantly struggling on the front line of counterfeiting, producing fake and shoddy products. Once you accidentally purchase these fake and shoddy products that are trying to be fake, not only the expected work results will not be achieved, but there is a high possibility that a safety accident will occur during the operation. Therefore, when buying a forklift, you must understand whether the product you want to buy has a production license, keep your eyes open, and be careful and careful.

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