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How to judge the performance of a forklift

How to judge the performance of a forklift

  • 2022-08-25
We all know that for many customers, it is relatively simple to use a forklift, but they know less about the professional knowledge of forklifts. Usually, everyone thinks that as long as the forklift is used for a long time, it is performance that does not fail frequently. Well, in fact, the performance of the forklift is not only reflected in these two aspects. A good forklift and its performance are also reflected in high efficiency, low cost, safety and reliability, ergonomic principles, and high configuration.
1. High efficiency
It mainly refers to the time it takes to complete a certain job, and the efficiency is basically maintained during this period of time. Many factors can drive the improvement of efficiency.
1. The speed of driving, lifting, etc.
2. Ergonomic design, so that the driver is not easy to fatigue
3. Driving with a wide field of vision
2. Low cost
is the total cost of purchasing and using a forklift
1. Pre-purchase cost
2. Later maintenance costs
3. Usual energy consumption cost
4. The main labor cost
If the service life of the forklift is relatively long, then the reflected purchase cost is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is mainly reflected in the frequency of the failure rate. In the case of a high-quality forklift with a low failure rate, its maintenance cost is also subsequently decreased. Different types of forklifts have different energy consumption costs, for example, some use electricity, some use diesel oil, and some use gas. The labor cost is mainly reflected in the driver's salary.

Regarding how to judge the performance of a forklift above, the hifoune forklift manufacturer briefly introduces so many contents. If you have any different views and opinions, you are also welcome to communicate and exchange with us, we will also contact you in the shortest possible time to discuss and study more knowledge about forklifts.

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