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How to maintain and care for forklifts to extend their lifespan

How to maintain and care for forklifts to extend their lifespan

  • 2023-05-11
Production methods affect productivity, so having a well maintained and high-performance forklift is very important. In daily work, it can improve efficiency and promote production. But forklifts are expensive and are unlikely to be easily replaced. Therefore, many customers who purchase Hifoune forklifts encounter a problem, which is how to maintain the forklifts properly? Hifoune Forklift recommends that you start from the following aspects!
Forklifts are generally used in factories, warehouses, and outdoor environments. Therefore, it is easy for soil and dust to adhere. Light may not be aesthetically pleasing, while heavy may cause damage to the power system of forklifts, accelerating forklift losses. Therefore, daily cleaning work is fundamental.
Regular inspections are essential, divided into daily, weekly, and monthly inspections.
Daily inspection: Before starting the forklift every day, check the condition of the forklift: whether it can start normally, whether the brake and steering systems are working properly, whether the tires are inflated, and whether the water tank and oil tank are sufficient
Weekly inspection: mainly checking the important components of the forklift, checking whether the forklifts are stable and deformed (many losses are caused by unstable forklifts causing damage to the goods), especially whether the support points of the shelves are normal; Check the tightness of the lifting chain, the condition of the wheels, and the connection of the rear load-bearing support points, steering gear, and brakes. Test whether the various pedals of the forklift can work effectively and check the connection of the pedals, generally including brake pedal, micro pedal, clutch pedal, hand brake, etc
Monthly inspection is a thorough and comprehensive inspection and evaluation of forklifts, usually involving lubrication of important parts of the forklift, ranging from the tightness of forklift screws to the wear and tear of forklift components; For example, the electrode condition of the forklift battery truck, the tire compression condition of the forklift, the sediment of the oil filter, the belt, horn, light, instrument, etc.

A well maintained forklift can not only extend the service life of the forklift, but also reduce the wear and tear of the electric forklift and the cost of the enterprise. More importantly, it can also ensure the personal safety of the operator. Therefore, sufficient attention should also be paid to the maintenance and inspection of forklifts! Hifoune hopes that everyone can use forklifts well and achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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