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How to maintain forklift tires

How to maintain forklift tires

  • 2022-05-24
Everyone should be relatively familiar with the maintenance of forklift trucks, but how much do you know about the maintenance of forklift tires? The following hifoune forklift manufacturer will introduce to you how to maintain forklift tires.
1. Air pressure
1) Pneumatic tires should be inflated according to the air pressure in the "Air Pressure Load Correspondence Table" specified in the current national standard;
2) After the tire is inflated, check whether there is air leakage in all parts, and repair it in time if any air leakage is found;
3) The internal pressure of the tire must be normal during use. When running or working for a long time, the tire pressure should be checked regularly; when parking for a long time, the front and rear axles must be erected;
4) If the air pressure is too high, the tire is easy to wear and burst; if the air pressure is too low, the tire is easy to be deformed and crushed;
5) When twin tires are installed side by side, the inflation of the two tires should be the same, not one with high air pressure and one with low air pressure.
Second, the inner tube
1) The corresponding inner tube should be matched according to the size of the forklift tire;
2) If the inner tube leaks, it will cause early damage to the outer tire;
3) Butyl rubber inner tube is resistant to high temperature and has good air tightness. High-speed tires (with inner tubes) should be equipped with butyl rubber inner tubes;
4) If the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be filled with an appropriate amount of air, and it should not be folded flat or stacked;
3. Refurbishment:
1) Regularly check the usage of forklift tires, if any damage is found, it should be repaired immediately;
2) When the tread wears to the wear mark, stop using it and retread it;
3) To ensure the safety of driving, retreaded tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels).

Regarding the maintenance of forklift tires, the above introduction, if you still do not understand anything, welcome to communicate and exchange with us, we will also communicate with you in time.

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