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How to maintain the Hifoune forklift battery

How to maintain the Hifoune forklift battery

  • 2023-05-19
As is well known, batteries are prone to life loss and rapid power consumption under long-term heating. Over time, batteries will dry up and cause permanent damage. Many people buy hifoune forklifts and their improper use leads to rapid battery loss. So how to extend the service life of forklift batteries? Hifoune has a simple and effective suggestion, which is to water regularly.
Water after charging. Do not charge the water truck battery before or during charging, as this behavior is very dangerous and increases the possibility of boiling over. Most forklift batteries need to be charged every 5-10 times and the water level of the battery needs to be checked regularly. If a forklift is not used frequently, check the water level at least once a week. In addition, what water needs to be added if water needs to be added? The answer is to use deionized water or distilled water, which can ensure the deionized water for lead-acid batteries. In addition, lead-acid batteries contain sulfuric acid, and proper protection should be ensured during the watering process, otherwise it may cause serious harm. Workers should wear appropriate safety equipment (splash goggles, masks, aprons, and gloves). This applies to all watering equipment, including portable systems. The battery room should also have facilities to wet the eyes and body.
But neither watering nor overwatering is necessary, everything requires a certain degree. Overwatering can easily lead to boiling over during charging, and each accident can result in a capacity loss of 3% to 5%. Try watering your forklift battery!
If you have any other questions or misunderstandings about the maintenance of the hifoune forklift battery, please feel free to communicate with us. We will also get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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