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How to properly clean a diesel forklift engine

How to properly clean a diesel forklift engine

  • 2022-03-17

Do you know how to clean the diesel forklift engine? The following hifoune forklift manufacturer will introduce to you how to clean the engine of diesel forklift.

First of all, the engine of the diesel forklift must be completely cooled before it can be removed from the forklift, otherwise some parts of the diesel forklift will be deformed. Drained from the engine cooling system, engine oil and hydraulic oil are drained from the engine and hydraulic transmission. Remove the safety hood and seat, remove the radiator cap, remove the exhaust muffler. Remove the foot pedal and remove the radiator, exhaust pipe and its accessories. Remove the coupling parts between the engine and the hydraulic drive system and other systems. Remove the connection between the engine and the main drive. The diesel forklift engine is hung on the lifting equipment, and the bolts connected to the frame are unscrewed. Lift the engine with lifting equipment and place the diesel forklift engine on the workbench.
If the company needs to transfer the goods or the warehouse environment has environmental protection requirements such as noise or exhaust emission, it should be considered when selecting models and equipment. If it is in a cold storage or an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the equipment of the diesel forklift should also be a cold storage type or an explosion-proof type. Carefully check the address that the Isuzu engine forklift needs to pass through when working, and imagine possible problems, such as whether the door height affects the forklift when entering and leaving the warehouse, the impact of the elevator height and load on the forklift when entering and leaving the elevator, and whether the floor load meets the corresponding requirements when working upstairs.
When selecting and confirming equipment, diesel forklift manufacturers need to describe the working conditions in detail to diesel forklift suppliers and conduct on-site investigations to ensure that the purchased forklifts fully meet the needs of the enterprise. Even after the analysis of the above steps is completed, there may be several models that can meet the above requirements at the same time. At this point, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:
Different models have different working power, so the number of diesel forklifts and the number of drivers are also different, which will lead to a series of cost changes.
If forklifts work in a warehouse, different types of vehicles require different aisle widths, which will bring about changes in the layout of the warehouse, such as changes in cargo storage. Changes in models and their numbers have an impact on many aspects of fleet handling, among other things.
Different types of shopping malls have different numbers and different after-sales support capabilities. For example, the low-level drive three-way stacker forklift and the high-level drive three-way stacker forklift belong to the series of narrow aisle forklifts, which can complete stacking and picking in a very narrow aisle (1.5 to 2.0 meters).
The above content mainly explains the cleaning method of diesel forklift engine. I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding of this after reading this article. If there is any unclear place, you can also communicate and exchange with us.

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