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How to reduce the maintenance frequency of internal combustion forklifts

How to reduce the maintenance frequency of internal combustion forklifts

  • 2022-03-15

Whether in life or in industry, if we use the hifoune internal combustion counterbalanced forklift improperly, we need to repair the forklift. Moreover, the maintenance cost of the forklift is an uncertain factor each time, so we should try to reduce the maintenance frequency of the forklift as much as possible, so that we can spend less money.

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First, we need to regulate the operation of the forklift. The hifoune forklift mast shall not be deformed and welded. The rolling spacing of the inner and outer gantry should be adjusted reasonably and should not be greater than 1.5 mm, the rolling rollers should be loose, and the rollers and shafts should be free of cracks and defects. Wheel groove wear shall not exceed 10% of the original standard. The tension of the two hanging chains should be uniform, without distortion, and the two ends should be firmly connected. The pitch of the chain should not exceed 4% of the original length, otherwise, the chain should be replaced. The sprocket rollers should be loose.
The fork frame shall not be severely deformed and the welding seam shall be de-soldered. There shall be no cracks or welds on the fork surface. The root angle of the fork shall not be greater than 93, and the thickness shall not be less than 90% of the original standard. The height difference between the left and right fork tips shall not exceed 3% of the length of the horizontal section of the fork. The positioning of the fork should be firm, the bearing surface and positioning surface of the fork hook should not have obvious defects, the open space for cooperation between the fork and the fork frame should not be too large, and the movement should be smooth. In the process of using the forklift, attention should be paid to maintenance to prolong the service life of the forklift.
Common Faults of Internal Combustion Forklift and Their Inspection
1. The oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder leaks tightly and falls off automatically
The main reason is that the oil seal between the lift cylinder and the piston rod is damaged. The main solution is to replace the corresponding oil seal, but in the implementation process, it should be noted that personnel often act according to methods and means. Therefore, it is necessary to set a corresponding fixing ring on the hard iron sheet of the slippers, wrap the oil well, clamp it with pliers, and send it into the cylinder to prevent extravagance. The made slippers can be reused, saving resources.
2. The lifting and lowering of the left and right lifting piston rods are not synchronized
The explanation for its doubts lies in the extension of the nylon guide bushes between them. The plan is to integrate the nylon guide sleeve beneficially during the implementation process. According to the hacksaw, the nylon guide sleeve is cut 3mm to make it have a certain opening gap to ensure its tensile value and avoid any doubts during the application process.
3. No ups and downs, no bias

The components in question are unsatisfactory hydraulic fluid, contaminants it contains, and cracked hydraulic fluid filters. The first two issues can be replaced with new hydraulic fluid in real time while dealing with this form of master scenario. In the latter case, useful filters can be replaced in real time. These solutions mainly show the basic solutions for doubts. What's more, this question appeared in the actual development process, indicating that there was a blockage in the hydraulic system. Only on the basis of replacing the new hydraulic oil can't deal with the doubts. It is necessary to clean the multi-way reversing valve to eliminate the basic doubts.

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The above is about how to reduce the number of maintenance of the forklift during its use. If you have more opinions besides the above, you are also welcome to communicate and exchange with us.


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