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How to use the diesel forklift correctly

How to use the diesel forklift correctly

  • 2022-08-09
We all know that diesel forklifts are used to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency, so in order to ensure the safe operation of internal combustion forklifts, these skills, although simple, are basically a good starting point to support workplace health and safety guidelines. Added safety features (such as seat belt linkage, overload lock, speed control, etc.) can be used to operate new internal combustion forklifts, thus greatly improving the safety of drivers and nearby pedestrians.
Operators are permitted to wear suitable safety work clothing. Typically includes helmets, safety shoes, and high-visibility work clothes. Loose clothing can get caught by the machine. Do not operate any controls with oil on your hands. This could lead to slippage and lead to an accident.
The driver should inspect the equipment before driving, checking the brakes, steering, controls, alarms, masts and tires for faults. If there is any apparent damage or problem, management should be notified. They should not operate internal combustion forklifts if necessary.
For safety reasons, operators should properly sit on a combustion forklift with stairs and gloves. Before starting the internal combustion forklift, make sure all equipment controls are within easy reach and adjust the seat position and mirrors to the operator's needs
By choosing the configuration and adjustment method, the operation of the internal combustion forklift will be safer. What are the functions of each configuration of the internal combustion forklift? And how to adjust the configuration, Bian Xiao will share with you one by one today:
1. The adjustment of the left and right open space of the internal combustion fork is the same as that of the inner and outer gantry, except that the open space is 0.1-1.0mm everywhere. After all adjustments are made, lift the fork frame and inner door frame to see if each attachment moves smoothly. When descending from a large height, the inner mast and the empty fork are required to descend freely, otherwise they must be adjusted from scratch.
2. Front and rear inner and outer gantry space, 1 mm space can be selected below the roller assembly. When assembling, after obtaining a suitable open space, operate the lifting handle to make the inner door frame run up and down, running smoothly, and the rollers roll slowly and evenly.
3. For the left and right opening spaces of the inner and outer door frames, according to the required size, adjust the equipment orientation of the side rollers by adding or removing spacers to ensure that the opening space between the auxiliary rollers of the operating equipment and the inner and outer walls of the inner and outer door frame channel steel is satisfied. The inner and outer gantry equipment consists of the inner gantry, large rollers, small rollers and outer doors of the forklift accessories.
Fourth, the lifting chain. The lifting chain on the mast of the internal combustion forklift mostly adopts double chain. There are two types of slings: sheet slings and sleeve roller chains. If the lifting chain is too long, the lifting height cannot meet the requirements; if it is too short, it will cause a serious accident of the fork frame running out of the inner door and returning to the channel steel; when the two chains are loosened and tightened, one chain will be overloaded and unbalanced, resulting in internal combustion The movement of the forklift frame and inner mast is unstable and insensitive.
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