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How to use the LPG forklift reasonably

How to use the LPG forklift reasonably

  • 2021-12-17
In the process of using LPG forklifts, in order to achieve reasonable use, the following points should be done:
1. First, be familiar with the relevant manuals of the liquefied gas forklift, and have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the liquefied gas conversion system. During the use of the forklift, the forklift should not be parked close to the heat or fire source, such as open flames and burning cigarette butts. , Sparks, electric welding, machines and electrical equipment that can produce high temperatures. Do not adjust or modify the liquefied gas conversion device without authorization; implement regular maintenance and inspections on schedule; stay vigilant and deal with any leakage or abnormality immediately.
2. Achieve reasonable start-up: If you use liquefied gas for dual-fuel, you should confirm whether the manual valve on the cylinder is fully opened before working. When the forklift is not in use for a long time, the manual valve should be closed. You don’t need to step on the accelerator when starting. The dual-fuel system must turn the switch to the LPG position. After starting, especially in cold areas, it’s best to warm up the car for two to three minutes to allow the internal combustion engine’s cooling water system to heat up before driving to ensure Warm water can flow into the vaporizer to accelerate vaporization.
3. Pay attention to the fuel switching method (single-fuel forklift does not need to be considered): For dual fuel forklifts, the switching should be done when the forklift is stationary, and cannot be switched while driving. When the gasoline is switched to liquefied gas, let the internal combustion engine continue to run at idling speed. At this time, turn the switch to the neutral position to let the gasoline accumulated in the carburetor burn out until the flame is turned off, and then turn the fuel switch to the liquefied gas position ,Restart. When switching from liquefied gas to gasoline, you can directly turn the switch to the gasoline position without stopping in the middle position. At this time, pay attention to pull out the cable. When the dual-fuel system mainly burns liquefied gas, keep it in the gasoline tank. At least 1/4 of the amount of oil in case of emergency. And occasionally, it is necessary to burn gasoline to ensure that the gasoline system does not malfunction due to excessive idle time, and to prevent embrittlement of the pipeline. It is recommended to burn 10 kilograms of gasoline every month.
4. Refill correctly: There are two ways to refill, one is to change the bottle; the other is to directly inflate on the forklift. When refilling or changing bottles, it must be outdoors to ensure good ventilation, and safety should meet the requirements of local fire protection standards. The forklift must be stopped and stalled, and the driver should leave the driver's seat. Fireworks, heat sources, and fire sources are strictly prohibited in the surrounding area. Handle the cylinders carefully and do not bump, throw, or roll on the ground. The refilling personnel must monitor the whole process during the refilling process and must not leave the scene. When inflating, place the refilling gun on the filling valve on the bottle and screw it tightly. At the same time, unscrew the 80% liquid level hole on the bottle to start refilling. When white mist emerges from the 80% liquid level hole, stop refilling immediately, close the 80% liquid level hole tightly, and check whether the level indicator is correct.

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