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Judgment criteria for forklift performance

Judgment criteria for forklift performance

  • 2021-06-29
Whether in the field of construction engineering or warehousing and logistics, forklifts are everywhere. It can be said that forklifts are an indispensable equipment in today's socialized production and construction activities. Let's understand the basic judgment of forklift performance. standard.

1. Security issues

After all, a forklift is a kind of mechanical equipment, so safety is very important during use. When judging the performance of a forklift, to a large extent, it depends on whether the forklift is safe. Judging the safety of a forklift mainly depends on whether the safety of the forklift design is reasonable, including every detail and every possibility.

2. Productivity

As a machine and equipment, the most important thing for the user is to see whether it is efficient. High efficiency does not mean an increase in speed. It also means that the time required for the operator to complete a job is very short, and the entire work Time can maintain this efficiency.

Three, post-maintenance

Pay attention to whether the forklift is easy to maintain. All parts are easy to replace, and fault diagnosis and troubleshooting are quick. The control systems of high-quality forklifts have been modularly designed, which can be directly connected to a laptop computer, and use diagnostic programs to quickly find faults or modify parameter settings (such as driving speed)

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