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Maintain your forklifts in rainy season​s

Maintain your forklifts in rainy season​s

  • 2021-05-12

Maintain your forklifts in rainy seasons

During the rainy season, how to avoid the unavoidable loss of your forklift caused by improper operation,

please pay attention to:

1. The air humidity is relatively high, and the filter element is easily blocked by the addition of humidity and dust. Please replace the air filter element in time. It is recommended to replace it every 200 hours during the rainy season. Check the condition of the filter element every shift with frequent open-air operations;

2. If the vehicle is accidentally flooded in heavy rain, please do not start the forklift in a hurry. Disconnect the starting battery cable in time, replace the hydraulic oil, antifreeze, clean the diesel tank, and try to start after the vehicle is completely dry. Or contact the local service provider for professional treatment.

Precautions for the safe use of forklifts on rainy days

1. Observe the road conditions: rainy days cause some road areas to be watery and the soil is slippery. You should slow down and observe the road conditions ahead before deciding whether to move forward to avoid danger.

2. Forklift parking: try not to park the forklift in the open air or in a humid place. If the electric forklift is not used for a long time, the machine should be started once a month to keep the battery active. Some parts are filled with grease while keeping the vehicle dry.

3. Timely cleaning: Clean the forklift chassis in time after working in rainy weather, check whether there is water, loose screws, and whether it needs to be refueled.

4. Equipment maintenance: pay attention to check the filter element of the forklift air filter, the corrosion and wear of the parts, and the usage of the generator's various line joints.

When entering the rainy season, the working conditions of forklift trucks become complicated. On rainy days, you must not have a fluke when driving a forklift. For the safety of people and vehicles, you must check in time, slow down in time, and stop in time.

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