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Maintenance skills of hydraulic forklift gear pump

Maintenance skills of hydraulic forklift gear pump

  • 2022-07-06
We know that mechanical machines will be damaged when used to a certain extent, so how should the hydraulic forklift gear pump be repaired? The following hifoune forklift manufacturer will introduce to you how to repair the hydraulic forklift gear pump.
There are certain skills in the maintenance of the hydraulic forklift gear pump, and it cannot be disassembled blindly, causing damage to other components. According to the installation form and structural form of the gear pump, dismantling the gear pump in an orderly and reasonable manner will not only not damage the parts of the gear pump, but also the disassembly speed is very fast.
1. Gear pump body of hydraulic forklift
The wear of the pump body generally occurs in the oil suction chamber. Some oil pumps can be repaired by the transposition method in structure, that is, the pump body rotates 180 degrees around its own axis, so that the oil suction chamber becomes an oil pressure chamber and restores its working capacity.
2. Forklift gear bearing bracket
When the end face is worn or brushed, four bearings can be installed on the surface grinder, and the end face can be ground at one time based on the non-gear contact surface.
3. The oil pump gear works in one direction, so the tooth surface is worn on one side.
Gears with worn tooth surfaces can be deburred with whetstone to change the meshing position of the gears, thereby restoring the working performance of the oil pump.
4. The end faces on both sides of the gear are worn, and the lighter end faces are occupied. Burr marks can be removed by grinding.
If the wear is severe, it can be smoothed on a grinder. However, as long as the end face of one gear is worn, the other gear needs to be ground at the same time to ensure that the thickness difference between the two gears is within 0,005 mm.
When grinding, attention should also be paid to the high precision of the end face and hole, end face and end face. After grinding, sharp edge burrs should be removed with whetstone, but not suitable for chamfering.
5. The inner hole usually wears less. If the wear is severe, the aperture can be ground or ground to repair the size, and needle rollers can be selected.
6. After grinding the gear due to end face wear, in order to maintain the axial clearance, the rear end face of the pump body should be ground to an appropriate thickness.
7. Forklift Gear
The outer circle of the gear is worn and glued to increase the radial clearance, and the light one has no obvious effect on the use, which is better than repair; in severe cases, the gear should be replaced.
8. The oil pump body cannot be repaired by the transposition method, but can be repaired by the copper sleeve method.

9. When the bushing with side plate or axial floating is worn, scratched and grooved, the damaged surface can be polished. The method is to put NO, 400-600 abrasive paste on a smooth surface, add washing oil or wax, and gently rotate on the surface of the side plate for polishing.

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