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The difference between stacker and forklift

The difference between stacker and forklift

  • 2021-07-22
The difference between stacker and forklift:

   1. First, distinguish from appearance:

  (1) The truck with fork but no mast can only carry but not stack goods; generally it can be used for flat ground transportation.

  (2) Stackers with forks, masts but no driver's seat are suitable for moving and stacking goods in warehouses with limited space, and can be used in libraries and logistics companies.

  (3) Forklifts with a driver's seat and relatively large are forklifts, which can load up to tens of tons, and are generally used for construction site transportation.

   2. Classification according to power

   1. At present, the common stacker trucks are manual, semi-electric and full electric. Forklifts are electric and internal combustion (generally diesel and gasoline vehicles).

  2. The semi-electric stacker generally refers to a stacker that lifts goods electrically but relies on manual push and pull.

  3. Stacker trucks can also be classified according to their functions and characteristics

Stackers can be classified into forward-moving type, counterweight type, wide-leg type, etc. There are also cases where the stacker used for picking is renamed as the picking vehicle. They can all perform the work of the stacker, but they are suitable for racking. , Pallets, goods, etc. will be different, so you need to choose a stacker according to the specific conditions of the warehouse and goods.

The last suggestion to everyone is: When choosing, generally need to choose the matching stacker according to the weight of the goods, the height and spacing of the shelves, and the type of pallets. In addition, efficiency and cost are also factors that need to be considered. Generally, all-electric efficiency is higher, but The price is also more expensive.

  The difference between stacker and forklift

  The stacker can be stacked relatively high, with small wheels, suitable for stacking in the warehouse. The forklift has large volume, strong power and large turning radius.

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