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The difference between unmanned trucks and AGV

The difference between unmanned trucks and AGV

  • 2020-12-25
After AGV manufacturers have gradually improved its flexibility and reduced prices, the distinction between AGV and unmanned trucks has become increasingly blurred. But generally speaking, AGV can only transport goods repeatedly along a fixed track. Unmanned trucks are guided by magnetic strips, lasers, electric or magnetic positioning devices, etc., and generally do not require driver operations. Of course, it can also be switched to manual mode, and the AGV must be moved out of the track to achieve it. According to actual requirements, unmanned trucks can disassemble and load forks.

   Both unmanned trucks and AGVs must comply with the safety standards recognized by industrial production. In addition to sound alarms and warning lights, they also have built-in sensors to detect obstacles and decide when to slow down or stop to avoid collisions. These sensors, possibly equipped with lasers and camera systems, can be used to detect obstacles, distances and heights.

   The key difference between the two is that there are more types of unmanned picking trucks, such as pallet forklifts, balanced forklifts, order pickers, tower forklifts and reach forklifts, most of which are electric. They use a variety of guidance systems, including laser, visual guidance, RFID and GPS. In some cases, an unmanned picking truck can have multiple guidance control systems. For example, the NDC8 control system can work with all navigation systems, allowing this navigation system to be used in the storage area and another navigation system when working in a manufacturing plant. No matter which navigation method is used, the safety of the period operation must be guaranteed.

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