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The hazards of diesel forklifts speeding

The hazards of diesel forklifts speeding

  • 2021-11-03
We all know that no matter what kind of vehicle it is, it will face the same problem, that is, whether the vehicle will exceed the speed limit. Although the diesel forklifts is a large transfer device, at the same time it will encounter the problem of speeding. So what kind of harm will a diesel forklift bring if it speeds up? Next, our forklift truck company will introduce to you what kind of harm will be caused by forklift speeding.
1 When the forklift is speeding, the driver cannot fully and correctly perceive the changes inside and outside the vehicle, and cannot obtain enough road information and observe the changes in the surrounding environment.
2 When the forklift is speeding, the gaze point will move forward, the field of vision is narrow, the clarity is poor, and it is difficult to recognize some small and slow-changing things, but it is caught off guard when it is approaching.
3 In the factory area, when the forklift is speeding, the driver's judgment on the speed is reduced, and it is easy to ignore the pedestrian's direction. Once an accident occurs, the accident has already occurred before it has time to react.
4 Forklifts speeding, it is difficult to divert attention. When making a sharp turn, the driver is highly aware of the rapid changes in the front, and must also take into account the braking, clutching, steering, and acceleration in the car. It is difficult to take care of it in a short time. Therefore, it is easy to cause the forklift to tip over when turning
5 When overspeeding, the vehicle's operational stability deteriorates, especially when driving on a curve in the factory area. Due to centrifugal force, it is easy to cause the vehicle to skid to the outside of the turning center. The driver is not used to wearing a seat belt. Was thrown out of the car, crushed by a forklift that turned over
6 The braking distance of forklifts at overspeed becomes longer. As the vehicle speed increases, the braking performance of the vehicle decreases, the friction coefficient decreases, and the braking distance increases. When the vehicle needs to be stopped, the vehicle cannot be stopped in time.
For the sake of safety in all aspects, china diesel forklift truck factory generally recommend that when operating a forklift, the speed of the forklift should be well controlled, and not overspeeding, so as to avoid accidental dangerous situations.

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