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The influence of temperature on forklifts

The influence of temperature on forklifts

  • 2021-03-26

The influence of temperature on forklifts

The influence of temperature on the engine 1. Comparison of data visualization and combustion characteristics

Whether the moisture contained in the raw material will affect its atomization or re-granulation; does the chemical change caused by the over-temperature water vapor and the welding fume have an effect on the fuel composition; because of its viscosity change, the combustion The increase in oxygen demand, higher combustion temperature and other school performance hazards to diesel engines are briefly introduced in detail in this section of combustion characteristics.

The picture below shows the flame photos of the master cylinder collected by the data visualization diesel engine (electro-optical diesel engine). Under the same test standard, change the moisture content in the fuel. As shown in the figure below, when the diesel engine is used, the flame core is generated at BTDC 10°CA, the management center of the combustion chamber. The weak flame core spreads according to the outer diffusion of the surrounding flammable mixture so that the red-yellow flame is filled. Combustion chamber. Figure 1 (b) and (c) are the flame photos displayed by using fuel with 30% moisture. It is very obvious that the generation of the flame core in the early stage is delayed by 5°CA compared with the diesel engine. The sprayer does atomization and The production of mixed gas is weak, resulting in a boundary layer fire situation. Unburned mixed gas is seen around the flame. The brightness of the early flame core is dark, the afterglow delay time is longer, and the flame is cumulative and dense. , No texture, deterioration of the combustion environment.

The moisture content is material. After the thermal dissociation caused by the moisture under the ultra-high pressure, the flame front reaction is accelerated, which leads to the higher working pressure of the main cylinder in the early stage, and the poor circulation of the mixed gas is very easy to aggregate large particles and fuel, resulting in incomplete combustion. It can be seen that soot and its fine particulate matter increase; in addition, the boundary layer of fuel adhering to the cylinder wall catches fire, resulting in abnormal cooling circulating water temperature, reduced heat efficiency, and reduced output power and torque. In severe cases, it may lead to diesel engines. Fatal common faults.

The impact of temperature on the lifting machine engine 2. The hazard of fuel temperature on the performance of diesel engines

However, the moisture in the material will increase in viscosity due to over-temperature during the entire combustion process, which will harm the atomization and granulation of oil particles and the production of mixed gases. In this section, in order to be completely different, the heating and thermal insulation of the fuel pipe of one of the diesel engines is carried out, and the external characteristics of the two diesel engines are compared.

Figure 2 shows the impact of different oil temperatures on diesel engine performance when only 30% water content is used. With the increase in the amount of oil provided, the performance of the two diesel engines has continued to rise, and there is no change due to the hazard of the oil temperature provided, and even the exhaust pipe temperature is basically the same. However, the concentration value of the smoke exhaust system is strongly increased with the increase of the oil temperature provided.

Because of the increase in the temperature of the supplied oil, the pre-combustion and gas supply (flammable gas mixture) increase in the early stage of combustion. However, the increase in the material temperature increases the viscosity of the fuel, and the average particles of welding fume sprayed into the cylinder are reduced. The decomposition reaction of adding moisture to the endothermic reaction, the lower temperature reflected in the flame front of the welding fume produced by the main cylinder, resulting in a lower temperature of the flame core, and relatively centralized, the reaction speed before the flame is elongated, the flame retardation period is elongated, and mixed The gas is unevenly distributed and burns incompletely, and the concentration of pollutant smoke increases with the increase of the amount of oil provided, that is, the concentration of fine particles (non-fuel gas compounds) is higher for pollutant discharge.

The influence of temperature on the engine 3. The harm of different moisture content to the performance of diesel engine

Now that moisture has such a great harm and effect on the performance of diesel engines, how much moisture is in the spray or how much moisture in the fuel is suitable? Here is a cute one, good people have long seen it! Everyone has always used 30% or 20% moisture content to carry out comparative experiments, and then verify whether this content is effective.

In order to reduce the NOx and fine particles in the exhaust gas, the moisture in the material (spraying moisture) must be appropriately increased. There are two purposes: 1. The spurting moisture can reduce the combustion temperature and reduce the NOx content of the exhaust gas; 2. Sufficient oxygen In the natural environment of burning, it burns more adequately, so that it burns completely. However, we fully consider the rationality of the fuel, and we use continuous watering in the experiment until it can no longer start a fire, and it can’t produce a flame core that can’t burn. After recording and comparing, the fuel rationality has reached the best condition under the standard of 20%-30% sprinkling water. At this time, the soot concentration value is low, and the diesel engine has the best performance. For example, when the oil pump is 60mg/st, the working pressure of the diesel engine is around Pe=0.5MPa. As shown in the figure, fuel with a moisture content of 20% can be used at low load; it is more effective to use fuel with a moisture content of 30% or less under medium and long-term load.

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