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The price gap between internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts

The price gap between internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts

  • 2022-11-01
In fact, this is a cost issue. Electric forklifts are more cost-effective than diesel forklifts; fuel forklifts consume a lot of fuel and have high maintenance costs. Although fuel vehicles are cheap at the time of purchase, in the later use process, the fuel consumption of fuel forklifts will be a big expense, and the longer the time, the higher the cost.

When purchasing a forklift, you need to choose a forklift that matches your own hardware facilities, instead of only considering the initial procurement cost and using production efficiency in the later operation. In addition, the forklift manufacturing process, the quality of accessories, (lead-acid battery, lithium battery) capacity, and the important components of electric forklifts include batteries, motors, hydraulic pumps, oil cylinders, piston rods, forks, chains, controllers, etc. The quality and use of the forklift, if not carefully selected, and determined according to the price, will often affect the later use. The quality of these components determines the price of an electric forklift. Before you ask how much an electric forklift costs, you need to know: whether the capacity of the battery is sufficient and how long it will last. What is the power of the motor? It's not that the bigger the motor, the better. How many tons is the load of the electric forklift, then the motor configuration is the corresponding KW, as well as the production process of the hydraulic pump, the diameter of the cylinder piston rod, and the configuration of the fork and chain, the controller, etc.

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