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What are forklift attachments and the functions of forklift attachments

What are forklift attachments and the functions of forklift attachments

  • 2021-07-02
What are forklift attachments

Fork attachments, also known as multiple devices, are the best tools to make use of a forklift with multiple functions. It is required that multiple devices can be replaced more conveniently on forklift-based forklifts, so that the forklift can adapt to a variety of working conditions.

Forklifts are widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical, construction, smelting, electronics, beverages, hardware, automobile manufacturing, warehouses, tobacco and other industries. It is an efficient automatic loading and unloading, stacking and handling equipment.

What are forklift attachments and what are the functions of forklift attachments?

What is the function of the fork?

While improving the work efficiency and safety of the forklift, it is also an important means to greatly reduce the damage of the forklift, that is, the forklift is equipped with attachments.

One is high production efficiency and low operating costs

Compared with traditional manual handling, mechanized handling time is shorter, while labor expenditure and cost are reduced, and work efficiency is improved. Under the same handling cycle, the number of movements of the forklift is significantly reduced, the tires, transmissions, and fuel consumption of the forklift are correspondingly reduced, and the operating cost of the forklift is correspondingly reduced.

Safe and reliable operation, reducing the accident rate

The forklift attachments specially designed and produced for different industries are all designed with safety devices, and the goods clamped (or forks) are not easy to slip out under abnormal conditions, such as the pressure holding device of clamp attachments (when loading goods, the oil pipe Burst, the hydraulic system maintains pressure, and the cargo will not slip out); the end buffer device of the side-shifting attachment, etc., reduces the accident rate.

3. Low cargo loss

With the unique clamping, lateral movement, rotation and other functions of the attachment, the goods can be transported, stacked, or loaded and unloaded more safely, thereby minimizing the loss of the goods. The use of accessories also reduces the frequency of using pallets (for example, no pallet handling operations), and the corresponding purchase and maintenance costs.

For example: using paper clips to transport paper rolls can greatly reduce and avoid damage to the paper rolls. For example, if a forklift is used instead of paper clips, the paper roll damage rate can reach 15%. For packaging companies that use a large amount of paper and have good paper quality , Only need to recover the investment in a relatively short time, and the 15% damage rate avoided after that can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise;

Adjust the use of forks so that the driver can adjust the fork distance as needed while sitting on the seat, which improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and avoids damage to the tray and finger injuries during adjustment;

The use of push-pull devices to transport materials and slides instead of pallets is low cost, and saves the maintenance and stacking costs of pallets. Especially stacking goods in containers and carriages saves stacking space more effectively. It can be seen that forklift accessories play a role in forklifts. Plays an important role.

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