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What are the advantages of electric hydraulic forklifts in use

What are the advantages of electric hydraulic forklifts in use

  • 2021-11-02
Hifoune Electric hydraulic forklift have now become well-known to us, and they are widely used in the storage industry, manufacturing industry, and so on. Compared with manual pallet trucks, the use of battery pallet trucks is more flexible and labor-saving; compared with internal combustion forklifts, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is the first choice for energy saving and emission reduction. However, the advantages of electric pallet trucks are not only these. Let's talk about the advantages of electric hydraulic pallet trucks with the forklift manufacturer hifoune.
The electric hydraulic pallet truck is equipped with a high-efficiency DC traction motor, which can control the driving speed and increase the traction force. It is particularly easy to carry heavy cargo. From the perspective of hiring manual handling, it greatly saves business expenses and improves work efficiency.
The battery pallet truck recommended by the forklift truck manufacturer, because of its small body, can run freely in a narrow space. You can walk through the warehouse shelves and work. Customers should not worry that the distance between shelves is too large and waste space resources. In addition, the operation of the electric hydraulic pallet truck is also very simple. All the control switches are concentrated on the handle of the pallet truck, which is very convenient to use. The customer reduces the operating burden and is safer in the process of handling the truck's goods. The hydraulic system of the weight belt of the electric hydraulic pallet truck is equipped with an integral hydraulic hydraulic pump station, and the buttons on the joystick can quickly and conveniently lift and unload the goods.
Some people may worry that the battery truck can not work for a long time. In fact, there is no need to worry about it. The battery capacity of the electric pallet truck configured by the truck manufacturer has a large capacity battery, and the continuous working time can reach about 8 hours. There is no need to worry about this. In addition, there is a display screen on the body of the electric hydraulic pallet truck that can display the power and operating conditions, and there will be a low battery warning when the power is insufficient. You can use it with confidence.
If you have any better suggestions on the advantages or use of electric forklifts, welcome to communicate and exchange with us.

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