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What are the common faults of hydraulic forklift mast

What are the common faults of hydraulic forklift mast

  • 2022-05-07
As we all know, the forklift mast is a very important component for forklifts, but the forklift mast may also have some failures at the same time. So, what are the common faults of forklift mast? The following hifoune forklift manufacturer will give you a good introduction to the common faults of the forklift mast?
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1. The oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder leaks seriously and falls off automatically
The main reason is that the oil seal between the lift cylinder and the piston rod is damaged. The main solution is to replace the corresponding oil seal, but in the implementation process, it should be noted that workers often do not work according to the methods and skills. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a corresponding hard iron sheet fixing ring, wrap the oil well, clamp it with pliers and send it into the cylinder to prevent its waste. The made slippers can be used many times, saving resources.

2. The lifting of the left and right lifting piston rods is not synchronized
The problem is that the nylon guide between them swells. The solution is to effectively integrate the nylon guide sleeve during the implementation process, and cut the nylon guide sleeve 3mm according to the hacksaw to make it have a certain opening gap to ensure its expansion value and avoid problems during use.

3. No lift, no direction
The cause of this problem is the imperfect hydraulic oil, the contaminants in it, and the rupture of the hydraulic oil filter. To solve the first two problems of this main scheme, new hydraulic oil can be replaced in time. The latter problem can be Solved by replacing the effective filter in time. These solutions are mainly to illustrate the fundamental solution of the problem, more importantly, this kind of problem occurs in the actual development process, indicating that the hydraulic system is blocked. It is impossible to fundamentally solve the problem by simply replacing the new hydraulic oil, and it is necessary to clean the multi-way reversing valve to fundamentally solve the problem.

4. The steering wheel is not flexible when turning the steering wheel
The reason for this problem is that the steering gear positioning reed is broken and the steering cylinder leaks. The solution is to rotate the direction in situ. It feels too light. It is obvious that there is a problem with the positioning reed, and it is possible to replace it. If you feel a certain force when turning the steering wheel, but the steering wheel is very inflexible, it can be rotated 360 degrees to the left or right, which means that there is a problem with the oil seal on the steering cylinder piston, resulting in internal oil leakage, and the oil seal needs to be replaced.

5. The piston rod of the lift cylinder shakes during the lift
If there is a problem, it should be judged that the hydraulic oil in the mailbox is not perfect, causing the problem of the hydraulic pump pressure. After that, it needs to be clear that there is air in the hydraulic line to the cylinder piston section. The main way to solve the problem is to increase the hydraulic oil. If it doesn't work properly, you need to loosen the return line of the lift cylinder, lift the cylinder to the top, and then lower it to the bottom . Repeated operations can bleed the air present in the hydraulic lines, effectively solving the problem.
The above points are the failure problems often encountered during the use of the forklift gantry. If you are using the forklift, there will be problems on the gantry or there are other faults related to the forklift gantry. You can also follow We communicate and exchange .
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