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What are the counterbalanced forklift models?

What are the counterbalanced forklift models?

  • 2021-06-03

What are the counterbalanced forklift models?

The lifting vehicle with lifting fork and balance weight block at the rear of the body is installed in front of the body of the balanced forklift truck, which is referred to as forklift. Forklift is suitable for loading, unloading, stacking and handling of finished goods in the port, station and enterprise balanced heavy forklift industry.

Forklifts with less than 3 tons can also operate in the cabin, train carriage and container. After the forks are replaced with various accessories, the forklift can carry a variety of goods, such as the bucket can handle bulk materials.
The balanced heavy forklift is divided into internal combustion and electric, and the common load is 2-3 tons. The price of electric vehicles of the same tonnage is more expensive than that of internal combustion. The cost of electric vehicle in later period and maintenance is low. According to the total cost of the whole service life of forklift, electric vehicle is about one third cheaper than the internal combustion vehicle.
Balanced heavy truck
There are many forklift brands, and the quality of foreign brands is stable and failure rate is low but the price is high. There are Linde, Toyota, Clark, yonghengli, etc. The quality of domestic brands is not very stable, the failure rate is high, and the maintenance service is much worse than the imported brand. The advantages are that the price is low and the working intensity is not very strong, so it can be selected.
Buying forklift is similar to buying cars. It is necessary to choose price performance and after-sales service. If there is any fault, no one can repair it. The loss of production will be greatly delayed.

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