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What are the emergency tips for forklift failure

What are the emergency tips for forklift failure

  • 2022-08-17
Going out, it is inevitable that some faults will occur in the forklift work. In order to start the work well, this forces us to take some emergency repair methods temporarily. Emergency tips for internal combustion forklift failures, it turned out to be like this:
1. The fuel tank of the internal combustion forklift is damaged. When the internal combustion forklift is in use, it is found that the oil tank leaks, and the oil leak can be wiped clean, and the oil leak can be coated with soap or bubble gum to temporarily block it; repair it with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better.
2. The oil pipe of the forklift truck is broken. When the oil pipe of the internal combustion forklift is broken, wipe the broken part clean, apply soap, wrap the broken part of the oil pipe with a cloth strip or tape, and tie it tightly with iron wire, and then apply a layer of soap.
3. The oil pipe of the internal combustion forklift is broken. When the oil pipe is broken, find a rubber or plastic pipe that is suitable for the diameter of the oil pipe. If the socket is not tight enough, the two ends should be tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage.
4. There are sand holes in the cylinder head of the forklift truck and oil leakage and water leakage. According to the size of the trachoma, choose the electrician's fuse of the corresponding specification, and gently smash it into the trachoma with a hand hammer to eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.
5. The oil pipe joint leaks oil. When the internal combustion forklift is used, if the engine oil pipe joint leaks oil, it is mostly caused by the failure of the oil pipe bell mouth and the oil pipe nut. You can use cotton yarn to wrap around the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut and tubing joint; you can also chew bubble gum or maltose into a paste, apply it to the mouth of the tubing nut, and seal it after it dries. The artificial leather or leather belt can also be cut and formed or put into the hole to be formed and installed, or a piece of plastic pipe can be cut and formed to be installed.
6. The sediment cup of the internal combustion forklift is broken. Cover the inlet and outlet of the sedimentation cup with a tape tube or plastic tube, so that the oil does not pass through the sedimentation cup.
7. The inlet and outlet hoses of the internal combustion forklift are broken. When the rupture is not large, use a cloth coated with a layer of soap to wrap the leaking place; if the rupture is large, cut off the rupture of the hose, put a bamboo pipe or iron pipe in the middle, and tie it with iron wire.
8. The fan belt is broken. The broken belt can be tied in series with iron wire or the car can be driven away by the method of starting and stopping.
9. Forklift screw hole slide. The screw hole slippery leads to oil leakage or loose connecting rod, which makes the internal combustion forklift unable to work. At this time, the original screw can be flattened with a hammer to expand the two sides (note that the top button should not be hammered so that it can enter the hole) and then tighten it, but it should not be disassembled many times, and it will be repaired during the next maintenance.
10. The diaphragm of the internal combustion forklift or the diaphragm of the fuel pump is broken or broken. The oil pump can be disassembled to take out the diaphragm, saw and filed according to the prototype size with bakelite, electrical insulating bakelite or plastic cloth, and then polished and installed; or the oil pipe can be directly connected to the fuel injection pump.
Emergency maintenance is a skill to have in an emergency, but the most important thing for a forklift is routine maintenance. Forklift drivers should drive and maintain the forklift in accordance with the regulations in the daily use of the forklift to maintain the durability and life of the forklift.
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