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What are the reasons for the heavy steering of the forklift

What are the reasons for the heavy steering of the forklift

  • 2021-06-04
What are the reasons for the heavy steering of the forklift

Many users have responded to electric forklift manufacturers: occasionally encountering heavy steering of the forklift during use, so what are the reasons for this failure phenomenon? In summary, there are several reasons.
   1. The tie rod and steering axle are bent or deformed, or the tire pressure of the electric forklift is not sufficient.
   2. The adjustment of the horizontal and straight tie rod ball joints is too tight and needs to be loosened.

3. The upper and lower bearings of the steering screw of the electric forklift are adjusted too tightly, or the forklift bearings are damaged.

4. The steering gear is not lubricated, such as: the steering gear needs to be refueled. The ball joints are not lubricated in time, so that the frictional resistance increases when they work. Turn the lower steering wheel, if you feel relaxed, it means that the internal lubrication of the steering gear is good, and then check whether the transmission mechanism is too tight and the transmission mechanism is poorly lubricated. If problems are found, adjust and lubricate in time.
   5. The adjustment of the meshing gap between the rack and the tooth fan of the electric forklift is too tight. When performing fault diagnosis and discharge, remove the steering gear rocker arm. If turning the steering wheel feels heavy, adjust the progress of the rack, gear fan, and screw bearing. If there is uneven tightness or internal jamming, check the screw, steel ball, catheter clamp, rack and bearing for roughness or damage. If necessary, it is recommended to directly repair or replace it.
   The above is the reason for the heavy steering of the forklift shared by Battle. It is recommended that when you encounter the heavy steering problem of the forklift, you should start with the above aspects and investigate one by one to find the problem and solve it in time.

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