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What information is on the nameplate of the forklift

What information is on the nameplate of the forklift

  • 2021-07-13

Information that the nameplate of the forklift should contain:

1. The name of the manufacturer;

2. Product name and model;

3. Date of manufacture or product number (at least mark the month of manufacture);

4. In the operating state, its own weight without load;

5. Maximum capacity (rated lifting capacity).

Each forklift uses a cantilever system on a fulcrum (ie, the front axle of the machine) to maintain balance when handling goods. The cantilever system is similar to a simple shaking device, which also relies on a fulcrum to operate.

Balanced forklifts have a high degree of stability and can carry considerable weight. The fulcrum is the dividing line between the weight of the machine and the load. Most forklifts indicate their load capacity on their respective nameplates.

When evaluating the load, it is important to remember that every object being lifted has a center of gravity, just as a forklift and a load have a center of gravity. This is why the forklift driver should keep the load on the front wheel or fulcrum. In the triangular area between the rear steering axles.

It is this positioning of the load that keeps the loaded forklift stable. Placing the load too far from the front axle may cause the forklift to tilt forward, while placing the load too far from either side may cause the forklift side pour.

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