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What inspection and maintenance should be done after the forklift has been driven for 3000 hours

What inspection and maintenance should be done after the forklift has been driven for 3000 hours

  • 2021-08-20
1. Replace the hydraulic oil of the forklift

When replacing the hydraulic oil, the fork frame must be completely lowered and the hydraulic oil in the vehicle must be drained.

2. Check the connection between the drive axle and the engine

Remove the bottom plate and tighten all bolts to 64Nm. The drive axle is mounted on the middle shell by 8 M10 bolts. The middle shell has 9 M10 bolts installed on the engine.

3. Maintenance and lubrication of the main frame and tilting cylinder support seat

Grease is injected through the oil filling nozzle of the inclined oil cylinder at the mast bracket. Inject grease through the grease injection nozzle of the mast support seat at the frame until fresh grease leaks out of the bearing.

4. Check the status and fastening of the mast and lifting chain

Thoroughly clean the mast guide groove and hoisting chain. Check the condition and wear of the hoisting chain, pay special attention to the sprocket area and check the condition of the chain fixing pin. If it is damaged, replace it immediately.

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5. Replace the engine oil filter

Apply a small amount of oil to the gasket of the new filter, screw in the filter by hand until the sealing layer is engaged, and then twist it half a turn.

6. Repair and replace the ventilation filter

Unscrew the vent filter of the hydraulic oil tank, pull out the oil mark from the filter, and install it on the new filter. If the working environment is poor, it is necessary to replace the filter early.

7. Check the parking brake

Drive the fully loaded forklift to a slope with a slope of 15%, step on the brake pedal, lock the parking brake handle, and stop the engine. The forklift should not be able to move at this time.

8. Check the coolant

The cooling system should be filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze all the year round. Prevent precipitation, condensation, oxidation and boiling point increase. The content of antifreeze and water are 40% and 60% respectively.

9. Replace fuel filter and clean radiator and hydraulic oil cooler

10. Replace the air filter element and check the negative pressure switch (at least every 12 months or after 5 times of cleaning)

When installing the filter element, be careful not to damage the filter element and ensure that the installation position is correct.

11. Replace the suction filter

During the replacement process, pull out the filter element slowly so that the oil can flow back into the tank. Test run and check the sealing condition of the filter cover.

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