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What is a hydraulic forklift air filter

What is a hydraulic forklift air filter

  • 2022-07-20
The role of the hydraulic forklift air filter: It is mainly installed in front of the engine air intake to filter impurities in the air. It can make the air enter the hydraulic forklift engine with high cleanliness, and mix and burn with the fuel, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the engine. On the one hand, the hydraulic forklift engine can be fully burned, reducing fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and environmental pollution; on the other hand, a large amount of sand, impurities, etc. It cannot enter the cylinder of the hydraulic forklift, so that the piston and cylinder liner cannot be reasonably worn, and the working life of the engine is prolonged.
How often should the forklift air filter be replaced?
The replacement of the forklift air filter has a lot to do with the operating environment of the hydraulic forklift, which is the amount of dust and sand sucked in by the air filter. Therefore, forklifts that are used more daily (such as daily use) in poor workplaces should be replaced in January, and forklifts that are not commonly used can be replaced slowly in three months.
Precautions for the use of hydraulic forklift air filter elements:
It is forbidden to clean or replace the air filter element while the engine of hydraulic forklift and electric forklift is running. When compressed air blows the filter element, flying dust can get into the eyes, so goggles should be worn. If oil, grease or carbon black sticks to the filter element, it should be cleaned with a hydraulic forklift and electric forklift filter cleaner. In heavy duty work environments or conditions, the filter element should be cleaned and replaced more frequently. When cleaning, the filter element should be removed, and dry compressed air at 0% pressure should be blown from the inside of the filter element along the circumference. After blowing out the filter element, reinstall it.
How to replace the hydraulic forklift air filter?
1. Make sure the hydraulic forklift and electric forklift stop, tighten the handbrake and stop the fire.
2. Wear gloves as much as possible.
3. Open the hood of the hydraulic forklift, open the three locks on the air filter housing, then remove the old filter element, replace it with a new one, check it and install it in place, then cover the housing, lock it and fix it.

4. Under normal circumstances, as long as the replacement process is correct, replacing the air filter element of the hydraulic forklift and electric forklift will not affect the warranty service of the forklift.

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