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What is hifoune forklift truck

What is hifoune forklift truck

  • 2021-12-06
Because the environment of the construction site is very complicated. From a logistics perspective, building materials must be readily available. At this time, forklifts are widely used.
Usually, bulky, irregular-shaped building materials are stored in the open area and transported to different construction sites by forklifts. A building material company that specializes in supplying builders and construction contractors has found a trustworthy partner: Hifoune Forklift. Hifoune forklifts can be used to transport construction materials, such as cement, engineering bricks, cement bricks, block paving, cement pipes, oversized structures, precast concrete products, and curbs. In fact, Hifoune forklifts are designed to withstand the harsh environment of the construction industry and are ideal equipment for courtyard work.
Hifoune Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. always responds to customer needs, ensures the safety of products on the construction site, and pays attention to improving productivity. Our forklifts transport products in a safe and effective manner to ensure that the products are not damaged. Hifoune forklifts provide a wealth of product models for the construction field, including different carrying capacities, different lifting ranges, and other technical specifications.
Different attachments can also be provided for different working conditions. The product types include: pitch forks, pallet fork clamps, brick clamps, cement pipe clamps, forks and lifting platforms. Due to the good vision of the forklift driver, Hifoune forklifts are safe and reliable under any working conditions. In addition, the reduced self-weight and center of gravity of the attachments also ensure the stability and high residual load-bearing capacity during the handling process.

The guarantee of warehousing efficiency is always inseparable from reliable Hifoune forklifts

hifoune forklift truck

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