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What is the drive system of a diesel forklift

What is the drive system of a diesel forklift

  • 2022-07-08
Diesel forklifts are mainly used in urban construction sites, pipeline laying, oil field development, mountain forest areas and other field projects, as well as loading and unloading containers in dock yards, and also for unloading military materials in wartime. How does it work?
1. The hydrostatic transmission has high efficiency and a wide range of high-efficiency working conditions, which can save resources and simplify the structure of auxiliary facilities such as heat dissipation and cooling.
2. The closed loop combining variable pump and variable motor realizes automatic stepless adjustment, the diesel engine power remains relatively constant, the power utilization rate is high, and the operation economy is good.
3. The double DA control variable system is adopted to reduce the speed of the diesel engine under compound working conditions, but the pressure of the hydraulic system remains unchanged, so that the traction force does not decrease.
4. The overall parameters of the whole machine are optimized, which can provide higher productivity and higher economic benefits.
Some drivers have found that the forklift will make noise after a long period of use. What is the noise of the forklift truck? What precautions should be taken to avoid noise when operating the clutch?
1. Reasons for the noise problem of diesel forklifts
1. Check whether the conflicting rolling gap between the guide wheel, roller and door frame is too large. Whether the clearance between the fork and the fork frame beam is too large, these factors will cause the diesel forklift to make a lot of noise when it is in use.
2. The wear gap between the chain and the chain pin is too large, or the gap between the upper and lower clamps of the fork and the beam of the fork frame is too large.
3. The fasteners are loose, and the guide wheel and roller of the car body are seriously worn, resulting in a large gap.
2. Matters needing attention
1. When the diesel forklift does not use the clutch, do not put your foot on the clutch pedal, so as to avoid the semi-linkage phenomenon of the clutch, which will affect the power transmission and aggravate the wear of the clutch plate, release bearing and other parts.
2. Whether shifting from high gear to low gear, or from low gear to high gear, it is forbidden to shift gears without depressing the clutch during driving.
3. Always check and maintain the clearance between the release rod and the release bearing, and check and refuel the clutch release bearing, seat and sleeve in time.
Diesel forklifts can be noisy for many reasons. The staff should drive the forklift into the parking facility to conduct a special investigation to find out the cause and solve the problem of loud forklift noise from the source. Workers should pay attention to avoid noise when working.
The above content mainly explains the transmission system of diesel forklifts and the measures to prevent forklift noise. If you have better suggestions and opinions, you can also communicate and exchange with us, and we will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time.
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