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What is the general rear inclination angle of the internal combustion forklift mast

What is the general rear inclination angle of the internal combustion forklift mast

  • 2021-04-22
What is the general rear inclination angle of the internal combustion forklift mast

The two-level mast is composed of an inner mast and an outer door. The forks hung on the fork rack and the fork rack move up and down along the inner mast with the help of the fork rack rollers, so that the goods can be lifted or ascended. The inner mast is driven by a lifting cylinder and guided by rollers.

There are additional bending cylinders on both sides of the rear of the mast, which can make the mast tilt forward or backward (the mast is second only to the forward inclination angle of about 3~6, and the rear elevation angle is about 10~13) to facilitate fork picking and stacking of goods.

The parameters of each forklift are different, depending on which forklift you buy.

What is the appropriate inclination angle of the outer mast of the forklift?

Generally, the tilt angle of the mast of a forklift is 12/12 and 6/12. 6 is the retracted angle, and 12 is the forward tilt angle. Each brand of truck is different. In fact, the tilt angle is larger. It doesn't have much effect. Generally, when we use it, the angle of 6 degrees will be able to work normally. Sometimes the 12-degree angle is also used, as if the goods are scattered or slippery, a large angle is needed.

Key points of forklift mast design:

First: Lightweight and easy to transport.

Second: It is strong and needs to extract heavy objects.

Third: Can not block the line of sight, the worst design is semi-transparent.

Forklift mast is a kind of forklift working device that lifts the goods, also called mast. It is composed of inner main frame, outer main frame, fork frame, fork, sprocket, chain, lifting cylinder and bending cylinder.

Forklift masts can be made into two or more stages, and the rare ordinary forklifts use two-level masts. The rare ones are three-section full-right door frame, two-section full-right door frame and two-section standard door frame. Among them, the full-right door frame can work in containers, and we usually call it the importer's cabinet door frame.

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