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What is the material of the forklift counterweight

What is the material of the forklift counterweight

  • 2021-08-03
The main raw materials of forklift counterweight iron products are barite (the main chemical component BaSO4), iron ore and cement, etc., which are processed through scientific proportioning by plant technicians and special process processing.

The compressive strength of the produced counterweight products reaches 42mpa, and the specific gravity can reach 4000 kg per cubic meter. It can replace the traditional cast iron counterweight, and the production cost of the counterweight is low, which saves resources, and is actually a low-cost, high-quality, environmentally-friendly product. The company can quickly produce a variety of different models and specifications according to customer specifications.

Forklift counterweight iron is a weight used to increase its own weight to maintain balance. It is smelted by the shot blasting machine into a liquid that meets the requirements and poured into the mold. After cooling, solidification, and cleaning, it has a predetermined shape, size and The performance of the casting process.

Forklift counterweight iron refers to the counterweight iron used in heavy industry. Heavy iron is also needed in light industry, and heavy iron in light industry is mainly used to increase its own weight to maintain balance or increase its feel. The counterweight iron used in the light industry is mainly formed by machine tool processing materials.

Heavy industry counterweight iron is generally classified according to the modeling method, and is customarily divided into ordinary sand-type counterweight iron and extra-heavy iron.

The common sand type blending counterweight iron includes three types: green sand type, dry sand type, and chemically hardened sand type. Special counterweight iron can be divided into two categories according to the different modeling materials: one type uses mineral sand and gravel as the main modeling material, such as investment counterweight iron, shell counterweight iron, negative pressure counterweight iron, and mud type Counterweight iron, solid counterweight iron, ceramic type counterweight iron, etc.

One type uses metal as the main casting material, such as metal counterweight iron, centrifugal counterweight iron, continuous counterweight iron, pressure counterweight iron, and low-pressure counterweight iron. Heavy industry counterweight iron technology can be divided into three basic parts, namely counterweight iron metal preparation, mold preparation and casting processing.

The classification of light industrial counterweight iron is not clearly defined, and it can be roughly divided into two categories. One type is plate processing and forming; the other type is profile processing and forming.

The materials mainly include various plates, sheets, round iron, flat iron, square iron, and other profiles.

Heavy industry counterweight iron: modeling, core boxing, pouring, unpacking, shot peening, cleaning and polishing, putty, spray paint

Light industry counterweight iron: mold opening, shearing, stamping, surface treatment. Light and heavy industry counterweight iron can be used as accessories on different products in different fields, which fully plays the role of increasing weight and maintaining balance.

Counterweight iron is not limited to the application of large-scale machinery and equipment, but also widely used in various industries, such as used in construction machinery, such as excavator counterweight iron, forklift counterweight iron, loader counterweight iron, crane counterweight iron ; Generally, for tractors that pull cargo, the cargo is too heavy, and a counterweight iron should be placed in the front or rear of the car to increase the friction of the tires and thus increase the traction; the counterweight iron is also commonly used in the receivers of our daily fixed telephones to increase the feel Weight and so on.

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