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What is the reason for the brakes of electric forklifts to lock

What is the reason for the brakes of electric forklifts to lock

  • 2021-04-28

What is the reason for the brakes of electric forklifts/battery forklifts to lock.

Lack of necessary maintenance for the brake system, mechanical failure due to improper operation, and severe overload.

Possible cause analysis:

1. It is the lack of necessary maintenance for the brake system. There are too many impurities in the brake master cylinder, poor sealing, failure of the vacuum booster pump, dirty brake fluid, or mixed use of several brake fluids. Oil leakage from the pump, gas storage tank or pipeline interface leakage.

2. The machine malfunctions due to improper operation.

3. Due to severe overload, under the action of gravitational acceleration, the inertia of the vehicle movement is increased, which directly causes the brake to fail.


1. Control the direction according to the road conditions and vehicle speed, disengage the high gear, and at the same time quickly blast the empty oil to shift the high gear into the low gear. In this way, the engine will have a lot of traction resistance to quickly reduce the speed of the vehicle. In addition, the handbrake should be used in conjunction with a low-speed gear, but it should be noted that the handbrake cannot be tightened or pulled too slowly. If it is pulled too tightly, it is easy to "lock" the brake disc, which may damage the transmission parts and lose its braking ability; if it is pulled too slowly, the brake disc will wear out and lose its braking effect.

2. Use the rigid parts such as the bumper and compartment of the car to rub and collide with the natural obstacles (rocks, trees or soil slopes) on the side of the road to achieve the purpose of forced parking to escape danger and reduce accident losses as much as possible.

3. If the brake fails when going uphill, reduce to medium and low gears at the right time to keep enough power to drive uphill to stop. If you need to stop at half a slope, you should keep the forward low gear, tighten the hand brake, and block the wheels with stones, skids, etc. in time. If there is a back-sliding phenomenon, the rear of the vehicle should face the hillside or the safe side, and turn on the headlights and emergency signal lights to attract the attention of the front and rear vehicles.

4. When the downhill brake fails and the vehicle's own mechanism cannot be used to control the speed, the driver should decisively use natural obstacles, such as rocks and trees on the roadside, to cause resistance to the vehicle. If you can't find suitable terrain or objects to use for a while, in an emergency, you can move one side of the body to the side of the mountain to increase resistance by friction and gradually reduce the speed of the vehicle.

5. When the vehicle is going down a long or steep slope, the brakes should be applied regardless of the situation. It can not only check the braking performance, but also win the time to control the speed when the brakes are found to fail. It is also called predictive braking.

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