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What performance do diesel forklifts value

What performance do diesel forklifts value

  • 2022-11-18

We all know that to see whether the quality of a forklift passes the test and whether it is good, the key is to see whether its various indicators meet the requirements. So what indicators do diesel forklifts look at? The performance of the Hifoune diesel forklift mainly includes the following items: loading performance, traction performance, braking performance, stability, maneuverability, passing performance, ease of operation and comfort.

1. Handling performance:

It reflects the lifting capacity and operation efficiency of the forklift, and is an important factor in determining the productivity of the forklift. It is often characterized by technical parameters such as rated lifting weight, load center distance, larger lifting height, free lifting height, lifting and lowering speed, and front and rear inclination of portal frame.

2. Traction performance:

It reflects the driving ability of the forklift, which is often expressed as a larger travel speed with full load and no load, a large gradient with full load and no load, and hook traction. It has a great impact on the productivity of the forklift, especially in the case of long haul distances in the yard.

3. Braking performance:

It reflects the ability of the forklift to decelerate and stop quickly during the driving process, which determines the safety of the forklift operation.

4. Stability:

It refers to the ability of a forklift to resist overturning under various working conditions, which is a necessary condition to ensure the safety of forklift operation. Relevant standards stipulate that forklifts must undergo longitudinal stability and lateral stability tests, and they can be sold after all the tests are passed.

5. Mobility:

It reflects the forklift's flexible turning and operating ability in narrow passages and sites, and is related to the forklift's adaptability to the workplace and the utilization of warehouses and yards. The technical parameters related to mobility include smaller turning radius, smaller right-angle channel width, smaller stacking channel width, etc.

6. It reflects the ability of the forklift to overcome road obstacles and pass through various sidewalks and entrances. The technical parameters that represent the passability of the forklift include: small ground clearance, height and width of profiles, etc.

7. The layout of the operating parts and the driver's seat of the forklift should meet ergonomic requirements, and the operating force and stroke of each operating handle and pedal should be within the physical range to prevent the driver from being overly fatigued, with good working vision and A comfortable ride.

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