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What role will Chinese forklifts play on the world stage in the future?

What role will Chinese forklifts play on the world stage in the future?

  • 2021-03-02
What role will Chinese forklifts play on the world stage in the future? At present, three Chinese forklift manufacturers have squeezed into the top 20 suppliers of the world's forklift manufacturing industry.

  In recent years, while the Chinese forklift market has been growing rapidly, the industry structure has also been quietly changing. Due to the intensified market competition, some established companies no longer have superior positions in technology, market, and service, and gradually withdraw from the forklift industry. At the same time, some construction machinery manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, etc. have entered the forklift industry and formed new competitive forces. With capital and technical strength, their scale and speed of development are very fast, and some companies are already at the forefront of the industry's sales list.

   As the domestic market has become the main force, domestic brands occupy most of the domestic market. It is predicted that 80% of forklift manufacturers in China mainly target the Chinese domestic market. Barry Su, general manager of Max Forklift, believes that domestic brands are the main choice for the domestic market. He believes that domestic brands have price, quality and geographic advantages. The executives of Zhejiang Hangcha also believe that price and after-sales service are the main advantages of domestic brands.

   While developing, there are also some worrying phenomena in China's forklift industry, which require the whole industry to reflect. As many companies enter this industry, the production capacity of forklifts has increased significantly, and the market competition has become more severe. However, the most important factor affecting China's forklift market is the increase in domestic labor costs. This means that more factories and storage centers are willing to use forklifts to reduce costs.

  China environmental protection forklift

   In the future, the hot spots for the development of China's forklift industry will develop in the direction of electric forklifts, high-efficiency energy-saving and environmentally friendly forklifts, storage forklifts, etc., with the further implementation of national energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection, logistics and storage industry development and other related policies. Although it will take a certain amount of time for Chinese forklifts to fully enter the world stage, there is no doubt that Chinese forklift manufacturers will affect the global market. Zhang Jie, secretary general of the China Industrial Vehicle Association, also believes that "As environmental protection requirements become more and more stringent, the proportion of new energy industrial vehicles and electric industrial vehicles in the Chinese market will gradually increase." Chinese companies must focus on basic research , Grasp the core technology, overcome difficulties and improve the intensity and level of research and development.

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